Photo: Céline Côté

Aurélie Pedron / Lilith & Cie




Saturday 28 11h30

The performance will take place from 11:30 to 21:30 at Paper Factory (141 Ann street, Montréal). The public can arrive whenever, no reservations. Pay what you can. 

INDEEP is not a show, it’s an experience.

You won’t be spectators. You'll be witnesses.

Inspired by the desire to utilize contemporary choreography as a means of engagement with “marginalized” people, INDEEP invites us into an experiential, durational encounter with 10 individuals, all blindfolded and cordoned off together for 10 hours.

INDEEP consists of an array of youth from the fringes of society, who each bring forth their own personal stories allowing us to bear witness through their expressions in all their singularity, in their authentic restraint – to be able to listen to, connect with and feel their inner individual and collective narratives. Unrestrained, without limitations or illusions they deliver an explosive cathartic energy one which emanates raw power from their lived experience.

INDEEP is a fascinating transformative performance that challenges and unsettles our shared expectations of the human condition, the body in motion, breaking through social norms without explanation, judgement, predetermined boundaries or codes. What are the fundamental interactions that are made between humans when our sense of sight is removed, when physical touch is heightened and our other essential primeval senses are exposed? What happens within us when we stop, look, and give ourselves over to the role of the observer, even when there is nothing to observe. In this form of finality who is observing whom, when we come face to face with “the other" and our own existence.

Aurélie Pedron thanks Danse Danse and La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines for their support with this project.

Created by
  • Aurélie Pedron
  • Précylla Arsenault, Miri Chekhanovich, Jordan Katz, Simiuni Nauya, Maxime Plamondon, Francis Poithier, Mélodie Talbot, Alexane Tremblay
  • Pierre-Yves Martel
Outside eye
  • Catherine Tardif

Aurélie Pedron started her career by giving birth to two children and 11 video art pieces (which have been shown in more than 17 countries). She went on to create several solo works focused on space and living bodies, and two staged works, CHAIR (French for “flesh,” her 2011 Master’s project), and CORPS CAVERNEUX (Danse-CIté, 2013). After founding the company Lilith & Cie in 2013, she fine-tuned her work as a choreographer with installation-based works with limited separate between artist and audience. ENTRE (at Tangente in 2014) earned her the prestigious Découverte prize from the Prix de la Danse de Montréal in 2016. With Danse-Cité’s support, she presented LA LOBA in 2016.

A concern for social ethics and inclusion led her to develop projects with and for marginalized youth, or with those who self-identify as being marginalized: RÛE and MARGE (Dare-Dare, 2014-2015) and INDEEP (2016).

Part installation, part choreography, part performance, the experience that Aurélie Pedron sculpts with humanity and depth is always new, unique, and imbued with timelessness. She plays with duration, silence, breathing, space-time and location in a way that allows emptiness to feel whole. She acts as a experiential provider for the spectator: for her, the body is a channel for meaning and a vectoring device.

She sees the spectator as a participant/observer with whom she hopes to create a connection, a relationship, even if it’s ephemeral. This connection allows her to contravene reality as we see it, and eschew the commodification of art in favour of art that is grounded in human interests.

Time and again, her work is committed to unfettering traditional ideas of spectacle, one of many layers that make up our perception of the world, in order to bid us to think about how the living, physical energies around us are transmitted.