Peter James / Festival Phénomena



La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines and the Festival Phénomena partner up to give public disturber Peter James carte blanche for this contemporary cabaret that is sure to astound you. In the second part, Peter gives way to artists whom he likes to accompany him for these four unique performance events: Émile Pineault (circus), Lara Oundjian (dance, performance, video), Thomas Saulgrain (interdisciplinary, circus), Karine Gauthier (live light design), Francis Rossignol (live sound design) and more!

It is that narrow passage from representation to less deliberate acting, with space for improvisation and spontaneity that live art treads along with terms happening and performance. It is also that tenuous limit where art and life approach one another, as one breaks away from representation, from fiction, a space opens up for the unpredictable and risk.   - Renato Cohen

Media relations → Daniel Meyer

  • Peter James
Live Lighting Design for Peter James
  • Karine Gauthier
Live Sound Design for Peter James
  • Francis Rossignol
With special guests
  • Emile Pineault, Lara Oundjian, Thomas Saulgrain
Musician / sound designer for Emile Pineault
  • Joël Lavoie
Light designer for Emile Pineault
  • Julien Brun
Playwright for Lara Oundjian
  • Sebastian Kann

International multidisciplinary artist Peter James defies categories in his maverick practice as performer, dramaturge, director, choreographer, creative consultant and more. He is a passionate performer who has blurred the lines between artforms form the very outset of his career.

For 30 years now, he has created, explored and worked with and for : Cirque Éloize, Céline Bonnier, Michel Lemieux & Victor Pilon (4D Art), Nicolas Cantin, Lara Kramer, Dana Michel, Catherine Tardif, Frédérique Gravel, the École Nationale du Cirque, Katya Montaignac, Sasha Kleinplatz & Andrew Tay, Catherine Vidal, Félix-Antoine Boutin, Guy Alloucherie, Manuel Roque, Stéphane Gladyzewski, among many more.

Lara Oundjian is a Montreal-based dance, performance, video maker and dramaturge. Her diverse training includes experimental physical performance (SMASH Berlin), contemporary dance (self-guided training through multiple institutions including Studio 303, Circuit-Est, RQD, P.A.R.T.S Summer School in Brussels and Tanzfabrik in Berlin), physical theatre (Odin Theatre Denmark) and film production (FAMU intensive in Prague). Lara holds a bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies, Cinema Studies, and Art History from McGill University. She is interested in bodies and temporality, intersections between digital and physical space, and experimental narratives or non-narratives. Her current personal creative interests are in haptic and sensorial processes, transformation of presence, and multitasking.

Thomas Saulgrain works and live in Brussels. Born in 1990 he started at an early age his training in physical theatre, partnering, ballet and acrobatics. The current state of experimental particle physics, finance theory, artificial intelligence and the underlying probability theory and the way it takes account of contingency is feeding his artistic practice. During the summer, he created for the time of an event a contained currency periodically stressed by an inflation rate extracted from a series of 100 random integers. The past year has seen both theoretical and experimental research in the domain of the Commons structure his access to means of production, distribution and consumption of cultural goods. He is currently taking advantage of the Artist Commons Brussels to develop his ability to shape wood and latex.

Emile Pineault discovered circus at the age of 4 at the Quebec City circus school, where, a few years later, he began his professional training. He continued on to the National Circus School of Montreal, completing the conservatory program in 2014. In 2012, with four other circus artists and the director Johanne Madore, he created the show Croisé, presented at La Tohu and in the context of the Montréal Complètement Cirque festival. From 2014 until 2016, Emile was part of Les 7 doigts de la main, with whom he toured internationally, performing in the Cuisine & Confessions. He is currently working on his own solo show, which mixes acrobatics and dance. Emile strives to erase the boundaries between artistic disciplines while challenging their codes. In addition, he participates in dance, theater and circus productions, working with various international companies (Cirk La Putyka (CZ), Théâtre du Trident (CAN), Compagnie Ici'bas (CH), etc). He also collaborates frequently with the montreal based artist Peter James.