Photo: Khoa Lê

Félix-Antoine Boutin / Création Dans La Chambre

Petit guide pour disparaître doucement


Petit guide pour disparaître doucement (roughly, “A Concise Guide to Disappearing Quietly”) is the second installment in an ongoing reflection on existential porosity that started with the creation of Un animal (mort) in 2016. This philosophical get affecting work explores the deconstruction of the notion of “being” as developed in contemporary thought on the individual as a symbol of emancipation.

It is a show that confronts the relationship between the self and the collective. Led by a desire for infinite empathy, Félix-Antoine Boutin invents a concise method through which the “I/me” might be sublimated in order to merge into “we/us” – which in turn calls on the self to be defined in order to be overcome. To do this, Boutin summons both real and imagined memories, embodied by little origami houses that make up a mnemonic village from which the potential for embracing multiplicity can emerge. Petit guide pour disparaître doucement is an affective and poetic work that reveals unfamiliar spaces embedded in us.

  • Félix-Antoine Boutin et Odile Gamache
  • Félix-Antoine Boutin
Set design
  • Odile Gamache
Creative support
  • Silvio Palomo
  • Marie-Line Archambault, Béatrice Brault, Violette Chauveau, Juliane Desrosiers-Lavoie, Kathleen Fortin, Sébastien René, Peter James, Maxime Carbonneau
Movement advisor
  • Danielle Lecourtois
Prop manipulations
  • Jérémie Desbiens
  • Anne-Marie Cousineau, Olivier Sylvestre, Khoa Lê, Laurence E. Perrault, Chelanie Beaudin-Quentin, Catherine Dumas, Vladimir Nicolas, Luka Dumont-Hamel, Loukie Mandalian, Louise Carrier, Rasili Botz, Luna Dansereau, Christiane Paillée
Fabric cosultant and embroiderer
  • Élise Péroi
Lighting design and tech
  • Julie Basse
  • Christophe Lamarche L.
Production manager
  • Émilie Martel
Tech manager
  • Charles-Antoine Bertrand
Dramaturgical consultant
  • Marilou Craft
Artistic mentorship
  • L’L (Bruxelles)
  • Sylvie Lavoie
  • Création Dans la Chambre (Montréal)
  • Festival Actoral / L’L fondation, Usine C (Montréal)
This project is made possible by a grant from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec

Création Dans la Chambre started in 2012 with the original work Message Personnel, performed in a non-descript apartment; this was followed up with Le Sacre du printemps (tout ce que je contiens), coproduced in partnership with Quartier des Spectacles and presented at the Festival de Théâtre de rue de Lachine then at the closing night of Festival Zone Homa; Orphée Karaoké, co-produced with Usine C and presented at the PFFTA and as part of the European Culture Capital in Mons, Belgium; Archipel, co-produced by the Festival de Théâtre de rue de Lachine and then at OFFTA; Les Dévoilements simples (Strip-Tease), at La Chapelle; and now Petit guide pour disparaître doucement, a coproduction with Actoral (Marseille), L’L (Brussels) and Usine C, which has been shown in both the Montréal and Marseille editions of Actoral. The company was also the recipient of a two-year residency at the Centre du Théatre d’Aujourd’hui where they created two plays: Koalas and Un animal (mort).