Brice Noeser

Ruminant Ruminant


Photo: F. Chais


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Ruminant Ruminant brings his big hooves to La Chapelle's stage, with this new version of 50 minutes!Ruminant Ruminant is presented in the form of sketches, skill-testing games and pastiches in which words, dance, music and cinema form a subtle and joyous unidentified dancing object. It’s not about bovines, it’s not about love, it doesn’t speak the Alsace dialect, but it’s about everything and nothing, at home, in your studio, on stage. And there’s dancing too, and maybe some singing. “It” is born from the conceptual union of Karina Iraola and Brice Noeser for a festival of games and interactions that are adopted for the sake of seeing where they might lead us.

Karina Iraola and Brice Noeser are interested in con/founding and de/constructing speech, thought and movement. With a common strategy of wit and non-sense, they obstruct each other, become entangled, overlay their bodies and minds with tension, vibration, constraining positions and circuitous themes.


Brice Noeser will have had ideas and will have discussed with Karina Iraola who will perform in the play with him. Catherine Tardif will have come to assist them several times during the creation process. Sylvie Nobert, accompanied by Vincent Santes, will have designed the lighting in addition to the technical direction. Sonya Stefan will film the show and Annie Gélinas will have designed accessories.

For Brice, it's been 16 years living in Quebec Province, 5 years living in Montreal, for 11 years he's been dancing and choreographing, it's been 7 years he immerses himself in the works of Estelle Clareton, and 3 years he dances in Paradoxe Mélodie by Danièle Desnoyers and creates a new play with Peter Quanz for Montreal Danse. For over 10 years, he has been obsessed by language and questioned in his choreographic works, which he has presented in seven cities: Quebec, Montreal, Alma, Winnipeg, Puebla, Tlaxcala and Mexico. Brice was 10 times subsidized and worked 3 times as a guest choreographer. The 7 pieces he created were entitled: Mandragore, Brutus et Sabulle, Ulna, Barbarellus, Les Bipèdes Songeurs, L'importance du biceps lors de la lecture and Ruminant Ruminant.

After les Ateliers de danse moderne de Montréal (now l’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal), Karina meets flamenco and theatre. Then she meets Rae Bowhay, Pierre Lecours, Manon Oligny, David Pressault, Lynda Gaudreau, Lara Kramer, Thierry Huard, Brice Noeser (the other), companies Mandala Sitù, Pas de Panique and Le Moulin à musique. Meanwhile, she meets her own creations at Studio 303, Tangente, Festivalissimo, Montreal's Maisons de la Culture, Festival Vue sur la relève and MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels). Finally, to better meet her own approach, she began her Master in dance at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Since the 1980s, Catherine has been dancing for the Jean-Pierre Perreault Foundation, Carbone 14, Le Carré des Lombes, Cas Public, Fortier Danse Création and Montréal Danse. She also worked in Europe, the United States, Canada, in theatre and circus, and also with Robert Lepage. Since 2001, the company she co-directs with Michel F. Côté (Et Marianne Et Simon - member company of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique) develops various choreographic projects.

In ancient Greek photos means light. But before taking an interest in light, Sylvie captures it in images. After photography, she focuses on stage lighting. In addition to the technical direction, she has provided light design for independent artists on various contemporary stages, including those hosting Danses Buissonnières presented by Tangente, and Les Printemps de la Danse in the network of Les Maisons de la Culture de Montréal.