Catherine Gaudet/Lorganisme

Tout ce qui va revient


Photo: Brianna Lombardo


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After presenting Je suis un autre (2012) and Au sein des plus raides vertus (2014), choreographer Catherine Gaudet returns to La Chapelle with Tout ce qui va revient, a powerful trilogy of solos from her repertoire, which will be interpreted by Clara Furey, Louise Bédard and Sarah Dell'Ava. These three solos are about her ambivalent love/hate relationship to performance. The desire to please and at the same time an angry resentment towards the spectator who looks, waits, hopes to be bewitched, who scrutinizes and watches the enchantment like a flaw.


Louise Bédard's solo was co-produced by La 2e Porte à Gauche and Danse-Cité and presented for the first time as part of the Pluton project.

  • Catherine Gaudet
  • Louise Bédard, Clara Furey, Sarah Dell'Ava.
Light design
  • Frédérick Gravel
Sound design
  • Tomas Furey
Technical director
  • Samuel Thériault

Catherine Gaudet completed both her bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in contemporary dance at UQÀM. At first, she danced for various choreographers before starting on her own choreographic research in 2004. In addition to a long list of short works, Gaudet has created a host of original pieces, including Grosse fatigue (2005), L’Arnaque (2006), Sourire force (2009), L’Invasion du vide (2009), Je suis un autre (2012), Au sein des plus raides vertues (2014) and La très excellente et lamentable tragédie de Roméo et Juliette, which have been shown in Quebec, France, Denmark, and Belgium. A founding member of the new model for dance companies known as LORGANISME, Gaudet is also one of the original creators of Centre de création O Vertigo, alongside Mélanie Demers, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage and Ginette Laurin.

“These three solos were created in the same period, during the same year, with three women that I had practically never worked with before. Because of this tight timeline, the three works are infused with the same obsessions. An attempt to speak, someone seething with rage, someone fed up with politeness and an inexplicable freak-out about not being able to save yourself the trouble. In the end, it’s about a sense of fragility, constantly renewed vis-à-vis the other.”

Catherine Gaudet’s work is steeped in the maze of the human psyche and concerned with showing the subtle footprints that the vicissitudes of life leave on the individual and collective parts of ourselves. Her work extracts the thrill of sensation and contradictions that are part of our being, and the distortions that flicker on our façade. With a physicality that is at once raw and precise, she subtly combines dramatic tension, a sense of the absurd, and dark humour.