Hanna Abd El Nour / Volte 21



Photo: Joseph Elliot Israël Gorman

Voyage(s) is a festive show where body and territory, dance and words, ideas and audiences confront one another. A work that speaks of identity, memory, utopia and freedom through three emblematic figures: Ulysses, Don Quixote and Peer Gynt. The actors Sylvio Arriola, Marc Béland and Stefan Verna will share the stage with musician Radwan Moumneh (Jerusalem in my heart) which delivers original music created specially for this project.

Voyage(s) received support from the Cole Foundation, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts de Montréal and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.



  • VOLTE 21
Artistic director
  • Hanna Abd El Nour
Production manager
  • Pierre-Yves Serinet
Writer and director
  • Hanna Abd El Nour
Creative support + tech
  • À venir / TBA
  • Sylvio Arriola - Marc Béland - Stefan Verna
Vocals, music, and sound design
  • Radwan Moumneh (Jerusalem in my heart)
  • Martin Sirois
  • Fruzsina Lanyi
Graphic and web design
  • Hugo Nadeau
Director's assistant and control room
  • Camille Robillard

Volte 21 works in the multidisciplinary arts milieu and engages in political artistic expression that takes risks and seeks to foster debate in the public sphere. They hybrid aesthetics strive for excellence, innovation and the renewal of live arts practice. Their shows address a diverse audience, who are invited to sensory experiences and unusual events that question the issues at stake in our society and the crises of our times. Using multiplicities of textual authorship, Volte 21’s artists capture the spirit, the musicality and the subject matter of canonical myths and ancient or contemporary works in order to put them in dialogue with the absurdity of our world and the vanity of our age in a joyous revolt. Here, artists and the public come together to celebrate a world full of possibilities and limitless utopias.

Born in Lebanon, the director and playwright Hanna Abd El Nour is now based in Quebec for 10 years already. With his theatre company Volte 21, in order to open public debate, he proposes a political and risky vision of arts through his multidisciplinary work. His shows have a large and diverse audience.  He offers them sensory experiments and atypical events, which analyze social concern and the crisis of our time.  Artists and citizens gather together to celebrate an ideal world, where everything is possible, a utopia.