Andrew Turner / Danse-Cité

18 P_R_A_C_T_I_C_E_S

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The identity revolves around short narrative fragments that infiltrate into our muscles and tissues. Even repressed, they manage to disturb the harmonious balance of the self. With a keen and deliciously absurd sense of humor, Andrew Turner reassesses his own conception of masculinity and virility, two notions that are often mistakenly associated. From the translation of Homer's Odyssey by Emily Wilson (2017), 18 P_R_A_C_T_I_C_E_S explores the different facets of the socially constructed self in a physical performance with movements that are sometimes fluid, sometimes abrupt. Thanks to his inexhaustible curiosity, Turner investigates what we try so hard to hide.

Partner : Danse-Cité

Leaving his studies in history and philosophy, and with no prior dance training, Andrew Turner was inexplicably accepted into Concordia University‘s Contemporary Dance Department in 2001. There he discovered a passion for both creation and performance. He has performed, both in Canada and abroad, for such choreographers as Marie-Julie Asselin, Marie Béland, Deborah Dunn, Milan Gervais, André Gingras, Thierry Huard, Sasha Kleinplatz, Benoit Lachambre, Ginette Laurin, Paula de Vasconcelos, Pierre-Paul Savoie and others. As a choreographer, Andrew's creations include Duet For One Plus Digressions (2008), Now I Got Worry, (2010), A Standard of Measure, Except Not Really (2015). His work has been presented in Canada, France, Belgium, the United States and Mexico. He has received awards from the Office Québec-Amériques pour la jeunesse (OQAJ, 2008) and the Office Québec Wallonie-Bruxelles pour la jeunesse (OQWBJ, 2009), and Les Entrées en Scène Loto-Québec (2010). In 2015 he was a recipient of the DanceWEB Europe Scholarship at Impulstanz Vienna. He was an invited choreographer at the Banff Center for the Arts and Creativity (2016), as well as at Théatre Sévellin 36 in Lausanne (2018). He has choreographed commissioned works for ODD (2014) and the School of Dance, (Ottawa, 2016). He is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Choreography at l’Université du Québec à Montréal.

Choreographer and dancer
  • Andrew Turner
Rehearsal director and dramaturg
  • Thea Patterson
  • Anne Thériault
Musical composition
  • David Drury
Lighting Designer
  • Paul Chambers
  • Danse-Cité
Financial Supports
  • CALQ, Conseil des Arts du Canada