La Chapelle, this 100-seat theater on rue Saint Dominique, a former place of worship, has managed over the years to find its place, today indispensable in the microcosm of the performing arts in Montreal. It's reputation goes far beyond the country's borders, but it was first modestly that Richard Simas began to give life to La Chapelle on Friday 25 May 1990.

In July 2007 Jack Udashkin took over from Richard Simas and breathed new life into the theater. The codes of representation continue to be shaken, the dance is essential, the contemporary circus makes its entrance and interdisciplinarity remains in order. In June 2015 Olivier Bertrand was appointed director to take over from La Chapelle's beautiful project.

Since its birth, La Chapelle has hosted a wide variety of projects, shows, residences, audiences ... and whose heart has never stopped beating hard and passionately 30 years later! Above all, La Chapelle has remained the place of all possibilities, open to hybrid and alternative forms, a place of creation in all its diversity.

Today and in the coming year, let's celebrate 30 years of La Chapelle together! Join HERE the Facebook group  dedicated to the festivities, which will take various forms throughout the year and in which you can participate.