© Adil Boukind

Montréal, September 8, 2020

Today, we are pleased to unveil the 30th season of La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines. Two main themes have accompanied us into its conception. The first, is to invite once again artists who have significantly contributed to the development of La Chapelle's first three decades. The second, which will sometimes reach the first, is to bring together projects within which various ways of working together are being explored or are signed by more than one artist.

In spite of many uncertainties, this 30th season will be true to the one we envisioned before the pandemic and will be adaptable. We wanted to remain as flexible as possible and attuned to each artistic team's needs, desires and realities. This is why, even though the vast majority of the shows will be presented in the form initially planned, some will be transformed into public laboratories, others are awaiting clarifications as to their dates and some will be unveiled at a later date. We will keep you updated on all the modifications that will occur as we move forward and remain at your disposal, would you need further information.

We look forward to welcoming you again. It goes without saying that everything is being done to receive you safely and we are committed to following the current sanitary measures. As a result, the number of seats available today is quite limited. We therefore encourage you to reserve your tickets in advance. However, we felt it was important to keep a few seats available, until a week prior to each show's premiere, for last minute decisions.

Have a great 2020-2021 Season!

Olivier Bertrand

Artistic and Executive Director