Création dans la chambre + Ersatz

Au jardin des potiniers

  • "Jour de fête" 15$


Wednesday 12  
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Sunday 16  

Au jardin des potiniers offers visitors an immersion in an invented botany. It’s on a miniature scale that magic happens. In a fabricated landscape, the public is invited to observe a swarming world a few centimeters from their face and to experience this evolving artisanal microcosm in a sensitive way. Thanks to this cyclical arrangement, a different temporality emerges; a time of stones, a mystical time faced with the simplicity of phenomena. Move the gaze, change perspective, look for splendor: Au jardin des potiniers is the factory of a contemplation.

Création Dans la Chambre is a living arts company whose exploratory focus is on intimacy in atypical and unusual settings. With its multi-form and often unclassifiable shows, Création Dans la Chambre reconnects the stage arts with the senses, using artisanal procedures to forge ties between the intimate and the spiritual, and between politics and existentialism. Since 2012, the company has created such works as Koalas, Orphée Karaoké, Petit guide pour disparaître doucement, Le Cid, Les larmes amères de Petra Von Kant and Histoire populaire et sensationnelle.

The Ersatz team is made up of Pierre Mercier, illustrator and scenic artist, Léonard Cornevin, light-degital designer, Camille Panza, actor, director and playwright, and Noam Rzewski, actor and sound designer.Drawing on theatre, plastic arts and illustration, their artistic approach straddles various interconnected media in a dialectic between illusion and reality. The categories become porous, the resulting projects multi-faceted and protean.

Création Dans la Chambre
  • Odile Gamache
  • Félix-Antoine Boutin
  • Gabriel Plante
  • Émilie Martel
  • Lindsay Morneau
  • Camille Panza
  • Léonard Cornevin
  • Noam Rzewski
  • Pierre Mercier