Ben Shemie + Quatuor Molinari

  • "Jour de fête" 15$


Monday 22  
Tuesday 23  
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Sunday 28  

An experimental concert combining electronic music, voice and string quartet. This science fiction work invites meditation and introspection. Through feedback loops and relying on a bit of chance, Shemie merges experimental electronics, chamber music and pop in an unlikely encounter of languages. Chronicle of a spiritual adventure, the whole vacillates between the divine and the chaos reaped by the string quartet, a real engine of creation. Covered with mirrors, the entire theater is inhabited by its reflections. In a back and forth between past and future, the circular narrative leads the public to travel to the most distant galaxies.

Partner : MUTEK

Ben Shemie’s solo projects, at once exploratory and precise, draw from performance-based experimental sound practices that blend free form and structured compositions with touches of classical music, radio arts, new technologies, and avant-garde research. Best known as the frontman and guitarist for the rock-tronica group Suuns, Shemie also has training in modern classical composition and experimental performance. His fascination with music has allowed him to broaden his sound and fuse it with numerous genres. Insatiably curious, he is constantly on the lookout for innovative conceptual projects and presentation systems.

  • Ben Shemie
Quatuor Molinari
  • Olga Ranzenhofer
  • Antoine Bareil
  • Frédéric Lambert
  • Pierre-Alain Bouvrette