Anne-Marie Guilmaine + Claudine Robillard + Claire Legendre / Système Kangourou + Théâtre du Tandem

Bermudes (Dérives)

© Photo: Marie-Aube Saint-Amand Duplessis
  • "Jour de fête" 15$
  • English surtitles



Presented in French with English surtitles on some evenings.

The creator of a film and a novel with identical titles, Bermudes, Claire Legendre leaves behind several artifacts. It is from these objects that the stories of two beings that everything seems to oppose are told. Drawing from the works of a designer who is absent from the set becomes only a pretext for accessing a whole new territory of invention, lulled by the landscapes and sounds of the Lower North Shore. In a universe at the crossroads of the tinkered piano concert, the visual installation and the art cinema, Bermudes takes the public on a strange game of treasure hunt where drift is inevitable.

Claudine Robillard and Anne-Marie Guilmaine founded the interdisciplinary creation company Système Kangourou in 2006, driven by a desire to incorporate elements of performance art into theatre. They have since created seven hall-specific productions (including Non Finito and Le pouvoir expliqué à ceux qui l’exercent (sur moi), along with an equal number of in situ performances and events. Their stage writing combines roughness and delicacy to create stunning power. Performers meet “witnesses”, non-actors plucked from the population and invited to stage their own narratives.

Claire Legendre is a writer and a creative writing professor at the Université de Montréal. The native of Nice, France, lived in Prague from 2008 to 2011 before moving to Quebec. She is the author of seven novels, including Viande, La Méthode Stanislavski, Vérité et amour (Grasset) as well as several short story collections and plays. In 2015 she published an autobiographical essay titled Le Nénuphar et l’araignée (Les Allusifs), and in 2018 she directed a feature-length documentary film titled Bermudes (nord). Her novel Bermudes is slated for publication this year by Grasset in France and Leméac in Quebec.




A show by
  • Anne-Marie Guilmaine
  • Claudine Robillard
  • Claire Legendre
  • Mika Pluviose et Bob Smith
Scenic writing
  • Anne-Marie Guilmaine et Claudine Robillard, à partir du roman Bermudes et du film Bermudes (nord) de Claire Legendre
Dramaturgical support
  • Mélanie Dumont
  • Julie Vallée-Léger
  • Marie-Aube St-Amant-Duplessis
Music and Sound Design
  • Frédéric Auger (à l'exception/except Bermudes (nord) de/by Francis Mineau, tirée/from Bermudes (nord) (film réalisé par/directed by Claire Legendre
Video design
  • Dominique Hawry
  • Franck Le Coroller pour le film Bermudes (nord) (réalisation : Claire Legendre)
Technical direction
  • Gabriel Duquette
Production Management
  • Andrée-Anne Garneau
Production assistant
  • Jean-François Vaillancourt
Tandems theatre director
  • Hélène Bacquet