Louise Michel Jackson + Magali Babin

Bright Worms

  • "Jour de fête" 15$



Inside a hospital microcosm, the body lives in synergy with its environment. Jackson’s somatic and athletic bodywork meets Babin’s sound art in a low-fi performative world of abysmal colors and iridescent surfaces. This sensory laboratory celebrates bioluminescence and explores the need for humans to generate their own light. It invokes the importance of lights like those of fireflies: their fragile, intermittent visibility and their resistance to the omnipresence of the "big spotlights". Bright Worms oscillates between the infinitely small and the infinitely large to reveal the reach of the intimate.

Louise Michel Jackson has worked as a dancer for the past 17 years, with renowned choreographers in Montreal and Brussels. In the past few years, she has dedicated herself to her own choreographic research. Her first project, Stroke aka Shudder, in collaboration with Ben Fury, was presented at Charleroi-danses (Brussels 2016), Palais de Tokyo (Paris, 2017) and Tangente (Montreal, 2017). This year, she is receiving support as the artist-in-residence through Usine C’s “3rd Floor” projects.

Magali Babin has performed in concert and at international festivals in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe. Her sound installations have been presented at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (Triennale Québécoise 2011), Mois Multi (QC. 2018), and FITU (Mexico. 2020). Magali Babin is currently pursuing her research as part of a doctoral degree at UQAM (Études et pratiques des arts – Studies and practices in the arts).


Choreography, performance and video
  • Louise Michel Jackson
Sound design and performance
  • Magali Babin
  • Jon Cleveland
Outside eye
  • Ellen Furey
Movement advisor
  • Caroline Gravel
Audio consultant
  • Nancy Tobin
Video advisor
  • Kim Sanh Chau