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Chansons pour le musée

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Presented in a laboratory shape*

Karine-pas-Sauvée (Karine not saved) is going through a time of crisis and consults a "Psyquelette" (osteopath of the soul, as famous as he is eccentric). He then prescribes her to infiltrate the museum at night in order to sing in front of certain works and thus mourn her broken family nucleus. Karine follows a path of introspection, both painful and invigorating. Songs for the Museum emphasizes the saving power of relationships with others, whether human, skeleton or work of art, in a period of capsize. A theatrical electropop concert at the crossroads of the visual arts, this resolutely interdisciplinary show is open to everyone, 9 years old and up.

* Labs are research, reflection and creation spaces, open to the public. These performances aim to further the exploration before the show reaches its « finished » form, while allowing the artistic team to present their work in progress in front of an audience.

For each lab, we offer a pay what you can type of payment, with suggested contributions of 0 $, 10 $ or 20 $.

MAMMIFÈRES is a company dedicated to research and the creation and presentation of contemporary works for young audiences. Favouring a stage writing where puppetry meets installation, song and performance, she creates one-of-a-kind works that lie at the crossroads between visual arts and theatre and question the form of the encounter with the audience.

The company explores such life stages as birth, old age and death with a true desire to reflect and reinvent the rites of passage that are attached to them. With a deeply held belief in the authentic curiosity and intelligence of children, she designs her artistic events on stage, at museums or elsewhere, as a material theatre that appeals to the senses. Her art does not hesitate to challenge conformity and prejudices taken as self-evident.

A creation - songs, stories, subjects
  • Karine Sauvé
  • Karine Sauvé
  • Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik
  • David Paquet
Creation associate
  • Anne-Marie Guilmaine
Music and sound designer
  • Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik
Production, sound recording and podcast mixing
  • Navet Confit
  • Julie Vallée- Léger
Technical director
  • Gabriel Duquette
Production director
  • Kevin Bergeron
  • Mammifères
With support from
  • Théâtre français du CNA, du CALQ, du CAC et du CAM
Partners in creation
  • Aux Écuries, Le CUBE, Les Coups de Théâtre