Mathieu Arsenault / Rhizome

La vie littéraire

© Photo: Simon Dumas



Presented in French

Alone in the arena, Mathieu Arsenault delivers his text in an uninterrupted monologue, his writing as the sole scenic device. Speaking of his era, he criticizes the cultural industry and confronts the public with its habits of consumption, but he also reveals the concern that lies behind our times: that of being forgotten, erased. With the complicity of Christian Lapointe, who had revealed the scenic portent of his writing in 2008 with Vu d’ici, Arsenault now reveals himself as a performer in a ricochet between living out a fictional figure, the investigation of the act of writing itself, an author's conference and freestyle acting.

Partner : Festival International de la Littérature (FIL).



Author and critic Mathieu Arsenault has published La vie littéraire au Quartanier, and more recently, La morte. His first two books, Album de finissants and Vu d'ici, were adapted for the theatre. Mr. Arsenault is also the founder of the Académie de la vie littéraire, which awards annual prizes to authors unjustly overlooked for other literary distinctions. His literary T-shirts are also available for sale at, his online boutique. While he has been a fixture on the public lecture circuit and at open-mic events on Quebec’s literary scene for the past decade, this adaptation of La vie littéraire is his first true theatrical experience.


  • Mathieu Arsenault, La vie littéraire (Quartanier, 2014)
  • Mathieu Arsenault
  • Christian Lapointe
  • Simon Dumas
Assistant director and stage manager
  • Lola Tillard
Rehearsal director
  • Jocelyn Pelletier
A production of
  • Rhizome
  • Le théâtre Carte Blanche et la Maison de la littérature
With the support from Recto-Verso
Co-presentation FIL 2020 and La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines