Dates to be determined

Les Salons acoustiques de La Chapelle is an annual event that invites audiences to listen differently to today’s music, through an intimate and minimalist experience with no microphones, in close proximity to the artist.

In today’s world, the musical experience seldom affords us the opportunity to foster an intimate connection with the special quality of a voice, the texture of an instrument and the spatialization of sound, with no effects and no recourse to technology.

From the largest performance hall to the most intimate music bar, today’s musicians sing and play with microphones and amplification. The focus, here, is not on turning away from amplified music, but rather on presenting an alternative to the usual concert formats. La Chapelle’s performance hall, with its size and acoustics, gives us an ideal context in which to listen differently, an opportunity to rouse our senses and rediscover today’s music by hearing it a completely new way.

It will feature an eclectic program, one that invites listeners to embark on a new and unique form of sensory exploration. The featured artists will be announced at a later date.