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Presented in a laboratory shape*

In a sound and visual experience, the audience is invited to proximity - and sometimes even at the center of the performance. The sound serves as a guide through an ephemeral installation where hearing, sight, colors and phases of natural light will be questioned and brought to the forefront. An exploration of the possible transformations of the surrounding space, with the help of headphones and various other tools.

*  Labs are research, reflection and creation spaces, open to the public. These performances aim to further the exploration before the show reaches its « finished » form, while allowing the artistic team to present their work in progress in front of an audience.

For each lab, we offer a pay what you can type of payment, with suggested contributions of 0 $, 10 $ or 20 $.

The Process used by the CHA collective differs from a more traditional Theatrical or Choreographic approach. Visual design is the starting point for the research, and performance is subsequently introduced into the work.

In this new project, the exploration of different auditory and visual perceptions was the main source of inspiration. The sound specialization work and auditory subtleties being a very important component of the proposal, the spectator is invited to wear headphones. In this piece the CHA collective joined forces with experienced sound designer Eric Forget, to collaborate on an original soundscape for the production that emphasizes the experience. Annie Gagnon, who performed in the CHA’s last creation NIGHT OWLS, also joined the creative process, both as a performer and dramaturge. CHA is constantly exploring theatrical conventions and various forms of presentation.

The CHA Collective was created in 2013 by David-Alexandre Chabot and Paul Chambers. The duo quickly began creating short works based on research in collaboration with a variety of interdisciplinary artists.  In recent years, CHA has adapted sound, dance, visual arts and light in unique ways to create a dialogue between disciplines. Exploring the relationship between the creative space and the created work is at the heart of their proposals. What brings together all the works of the CHA Collective is its unique way of communicating with the audience, encouraging them to place themselves at the center of the proposition and to live it from within.

Ideation and directors
  • Collectif CHA (Paul Chambers et David-Alexandre Chabot)
Sound Design
  • Eric Forget