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  • French surtitles


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Presented in English with French surtitles on some evenings.

Inspired by the photograph of a partially illuminated door and the famous essay On the brevity of life (49 AD) by the philosopher Seneca, Skin is a dreamlike reflection on the value and duration of human existence in the face of geological time and the violent fluctuations inherent in nature. The play explores the theme of the satisfaction of living through five formally distinct segments, each one proposing a singular scenographic universe. Designed and directed by Leslie Baker, co-created with Emma Tibaldo and Joseph Shragge, it was started at the Playwrights Workshop Montreal (2016), then developed during the CAMINOS Festival (Toronto, 2017).

Partner : Wildside Festival by Centaur Theatre

The Bakery, a theatrical laboratory, was founded in 2016, marking the culmination of 15 years of collaboration and continued efforts to create works in a spirit of interdisciplinarity. Forceful bodily expressions are paired with images, sounds and text to present performances that emphasize the sheer joy of the living arts. The Bakery is dedicated to exploring performance through theatrical and interventionist experiences. The structure of its work is organized around physical, visual and sonic musicalities that consciously stray from traditional theatrical structures. The company appeals to 21st century audiences by addressing contemporary issues.

Each performance is constructed over the course of an extended research period. The aesthetic form and creative process are focused on the performance. The Bakery’s artistic approach is experimental and interdisciplinary, with ongoing collaborations at the heart of its process.

Works by The Bakery have been presented in Baltimore, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Sofia, Varna and Bourgas.

Director, Creator, Collaborator Performer
  • Leslie Baker
Co-Creator, Collaborator Performer
  • Emma Tibaldo
  • Joseph Shragge
Lighting Design
  • Luc Prairie
Sound Design
  • Peter Cerone
  • Michael Leon
Prop Design
  • Michel Richard