Morena Prats

cet intervalle

Theatre + Dance + Performance

Dates to be determined

Morena Prats is invited by Evelyne de la Chenelière to create a work in dialogue with the author's writing project. "I begin again" were the first words written by de Chenelière, announcing a questioning on the foundations of the gesture of writing.

A research on what constitutes the theatrical act: how to “start again" to make theater today and what shape give to it? Taking the idea "to play" litterally, cet intervalle proposes an answer in the form of fragments putting in dialogue living tableaux, conference in images, children's games and big mythological stories. From this hybrid form results a colorful, contemplative and explosive spectacle; a happy new beginning.


2007, the Vatican decides to abolish Limbo.

2017, Evelyne de la Chenelière wrote on a wall of Espace Go the following sentence:

"Since they removed the limbo, I do not know where to wander".

2020, Morena Prats offers with cet intervalle an optimistic wandering space. For this creation, she is inspired by the notion of palimpsest specific to the process of writing layers of Evelyne de la Chenelière, which for her constitutes theater: the founding narratives, body affects, the game, direct address to the public and open dramaturgies.

Cet intervalle is a scenic palimpsest, which reminiscences spring in the representation and cohabit with the scenic present.

Morena Prats is an artist from Montreal. After studying theater in Montreal, Avignon and Minsk, she moved to Brussels where she worked with artists from several disciplines: visual arts, dance, performance and theater. These experiences fueled her curiosity for the body stage and she then focused her staging work on the dramaturgy of the body, particularly in atomisation dramaturgique performed at L'L in Brussels in 2014, then in projects more recent: atlas, realized in 2018 as part of her master's degree at UQAM and finally, bobo et momo, a project on the concept of double and copy, presented at the ZH Festival in the summer of 2019. All these projects oscillate between fixity and movement, copy and original, animated and inanimate. It is in the lineage of these works that cet intervalle finds itself.

  • Morena Prats
Sound design
  • Julien Éclancher
Video advisor
  • Julien Blais
Video animation
  • JF Malouin
Lighting design
  • Anne-Sara Gendron
Costume design
  • Béatrice Montesinos
Dramaturgy advisor
  • Sara Fauteux
Movement advisor
  • Enora Rivière
Assistant director
  • Ariane Lamarre
  • Florence Blain Mbaye
  • Rasili Botz
  • Benjamin Charrette
  • Joé Côté-Rancourt
  • Morena Prats
  • Nahéma Ricci
  • Simon Loiseau
  • Marion Menan