Jérémie Niel / Pétrus + Danse-Cité


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Presented in French

In a living-room, as Jean-Pierre Ronfard and Robert Gravel did with so much freedom in a bygone era, Jérémie Niel invites Catherine Gaudet. And they look at each other in the eyes, face to face.

Fissured by artist's life marked by the inaccessible, the choreographer and the director look each other in the eyes, seeking a way to name beauty, the cracks, love, chaos... and finally everything they spend their life looking for, from studio to studio, from alley to alley, from room to room.

Jérémie Niel graduated from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal in 2005 with a specialization in directing. The same year, he founded PÉTRUS. The company’s flexible structure gave him the opportunity to pursue a rigorous formal exploration process that appeals to the spectator’s senses. Sculpting the penumbra and deploying, in a dilated temporality, compelling sonic landscapes punctuated by silence, he transforms each work into a hypnotic universe suffused with a soft strangeness at the juncture between theatre, dance, music and visual arts. As a poet of an off-centered reality, he strives to reveal areas of ambiguity and uncertainty in the human psyche by plumbing the hidden meanings belied by words and gestures.

In addition to his activities at the head of PÉTRUS, Jérémie Niel collaborates on numerous other projects, at the invitation of various producers. Specifically, he has twice worked with the dance company La 2e porte à gauche (in 2011 and 2014), and he has collaborated with the musical groups We are Wolves and Dear Criminals. Mr. Niel has also directed several short pieces, including for the event Nice Try and in cabarets organized by choreographer Frédérick Gravel.

Creation and staging
  • Jérémie Niel
  • Catherine Gaudet
Staging assistance
  • Marie-Philippe Santerre
Assistance with creation
  • Antonia Mappin-Kasirer
  • Louise Bédard
  • Félix-Antoine Boutin
Lighting design
  • Régis Guyonnet
Costume design
  • Léonie Blanchet
Sound design and spatialization
  • Jean-Sébastien Côté
  • Karine Galarneau
Production management
  • Kevin Bergeron
Technical direction and management
  • Jérôme Guilleaume
Video capture and trailer
  • Sylvio Arriola
Sound recording and sound mixing
  • Julia Innes
  • Fabrice Gaëtan