Sean Nicholas Savage + Sophie Cadieux / Ballet Opéra Pantomime

Please Thrill Me


© Chris Filippini
  • "Jour de fête" 15$
  • French surtitles



This show is in English with French surtitles on all of their performances.

Two punks meet freight hopping in the middle of the night. Jazz, who is on a journey to define oneself and Pop who is returning home to the big city by the sea. In this oasis at the end of the world, they will meet a series of characters, all haunted by a symphony of indeterminable desires and by the irresistible dream of a life without limits. Each of them will open up to Jazz, philosophize thru the night, and share their most intimate fears and reflections on a world whose meaning constantly slips through their fingers.

Through its poetry ― both naïve and lucid ― Please Thrill Me gives a glimpse of a universe in which ephemeral yet inevitable friendships arise. Life has a way of detracting our plans, of making them sway with its moods, but let us not give up until the very end. The true meaning sometimes only shows up after the last call.

For Sean Nicholas Savage, Please Thrill Me is the logical outcome of his thirteen albums, in which he underwent a most prolific exploration of the major “historical” pop music genres of the last sixty years, from folk to disco and R&B. The genre of the musical, with its dialogues and its songs all centred around a main story, heightens a type of narration that is already prominent in Savage’s previous work, and will enable the audience to discover a new facet of his literary output, outside of poetry publications. Lastly, from the perspective of holistic art, the ultra-referenced visual aspect of Savage’s art (as can be seen in his video clips) will be translated on stage, in the sets and costumes created by BOP’s designers.

Across the spectrum of avant garde pop music, Canadian cult songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage is renowned for his bitter sweet ballads, and beautifully raw live performances, his singing delicate and brave, full of energy and space. Each new record is an adventure in sensitivity and nuance. Although set against a variety of pop culture models, an intimate poetic relationship with the listener remains in stone throughout the last decade. Sentimental, like a misty romantic drama that makes you long for a life you never lived, and yet understand to your soul, Savage’s catalogue is packed with wonder, hope and roller rink echoes.

A leading figure of the Montreal theatre scene, Sophie Cadieux has been part of more than 30 productions as an actress and director. A purposeful and audacious artist, she enjoyed a three-year residency at the Espace Go theatre where she signed her first stage production with the play Tu iras la chercher. Co-founder and co-artistic director of the Théâtre de la Banquette arrière, Sophie Cadieux has also been involved with the Ligue Nationale d’Improvisation (LNI).

On television she starred in the series Lâcher prise, Rumeurs, Les Lavigueur, la vraie histoire and Watatatow, and her movie career includes films by Maryanne Zéhil (La vallée des larmes), Daniel Roby (Funkytown), Luc Picard (Les Rois mongols) and Monia Chokri (Quelqu’un d’extraordinaire, short film).

Sophie Cadieux is the winner of the Prix de la critique by the Association québécoise des critiques de théâtre, of the LNI Pierre Curzi Trophy, of three Gémeaux prizes, and she was nominated in the Best Actress category at the 58th Monte Carlo International Television Festival.

Founded in 2013 by a group of friends, BOP’s mission is to offer multidisciplinary shows that revolve around contemporary and art music, and present them in environments that foster the emotional immersion of the audience. To date, the company has presented seven productions including Le Vin herbé, an unruly pop-opera featuring more than seventy artists, with choreography by Dave St-Pierre, staging direction by Philippe Boutin, and costume design by Denis Gagnon; the fiscal-baroque opera Nero and The Fall of Lehman Brothers, played in the basement of a Villeray neighbourhood church, as well as the ritualistic and mystical Le Vaisseau-cœur, Arte Musica’s 2019–2020 season-opening event.


BOP is the winner of the Prix de la relève Caisse Desjardins de la Culture (2019) and of the “Découverte de l’année” Opus Prize (2016).

Music and text
  • Sean Nicholas Savage
  • Sophie Cadieux
  • Catherine Dagenais-Savard
Set design
  • Félix Poirier
Lighting design
  • Ted Stafford
Sound design
  • Nataq Huault
  • Anne-Sophie Gaudet
  • Charles Beaudoin
  • Sean Nicholas Savage
  • Adam Byczkowski aka Better Person
The Artist
  • Jane Penny
  • Lulu Hughes
The Speaker
  • Roland "Rollie" Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon
  • Pascal Chénard
  • Alexandre Colas-Jeffery
  • Antoine Langis
  • Juliette Leclerc
  • Max-Élie Oboukangongo-Laroche
  • Pascal Chénard
  • Alexandre Colas-Jeffery
  • Antoine Langis
  • Juliette Leclerc
  • Max-Élie Ouboukangongo-Laroche