Marie Davidson / Les Filles électriques

Bullshit Threshold

Music / Interdisciplinary

© Caroline Hayeur


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• February 14 = premiere = jour de fête = 15$ for everyone
• February 15, 16 = 22$ (special fare) instead of 30$ (regular price)

(no service fee at the box office / 2,00$ service fee over the phone / 3,50$ online)

Marie Davidson’s embodied texts and rhythmic music are perfectly suited to the cinematic imagery of John Londono and Gonzalo Soldi. Using footage shot on infrared cameras, Londono and Soldi mix the projections live on stage. It’s a show about human relationships, dramas, about separations, night life and show business! It’s all served up with a touch of humour and a pinch of sarcasm.

Bullshit Threshold is a poetic and theatrical project from musician Marie Davidson, a young artist who is exploring new dimensions in her work with this show. An early version of the piece was presented at the Festival Phénomena in 2016 and the SONAR Festival in Barcelona, in June 2017.


Video projections:
  • John Londono et Gonzalo Soldi/Hub Studio
  • Les Filles électriques
Sound design
  • Pierre Guerineau
Text, music, performance:
  • Marie Davidson

Marie Davidson has carved out a place as one of the lead figures in contemporary electo-pop. Her albums have received resounding acclaim from many sources, with her most recent, Adieux au Dancefloor (on prestigious New York label Minimal Wave/ Cititrax) ending up on several top 10 lists of the year, including Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, The Fader, The Quietus, and Vice Thump. Her original and theatrical live performances are particularly appealing for their originality, as Davidson is one of few who do not use a laptop on stage. She evokes unique sonic worlds using electronic instruments (synths, loop pedals, and drum machines) to compose a dizzying techno environment. She has performed in numerous festivals, including SXSW (Austin), MUTEK (Montréal), OUTLINE (Moscow), OBEY Convention (Halifax), Nuits Sonores (Lyon), CTM Festival (Berlin), Villette Sonique (Paris) and De School (Amsterdam), and was part of the Montréal cohort of the Red Bull Music Academy in 2016. Her collaborative album Demain est une autre nuit (with Pierre Guerineau) was nominated for the 2016 Polaris Prize, which Marie Davidson’s solo album is now long-listed for in 2017. 

Gonzalo Soldi is a multidisciplinary artist. After starting out in the entertainment world as a circus performer, he went on to explore working in dance and theatre as a video and lighting designer. He has worked for numerous companies, such as VWV, Compagnie Finzi Pasca, Cavalia, Le carré de Lombes, and l’Activité. After several collaborations with Thomas Payette, in 2015 the two founded HUB Studio, a company specializing in design and technology for stage arts. Since, they have explored various forms and tools to make original productions that merge technologies for music, theatre, dance, and media arts.

John Londono is a photographer, cameraman and music video director connected to energy of urban life. His creative field is an amalgam of the overlapping genres of portraiture/music/fashion/advertising/art where he enjoys mixing pop culture with subcultures. His contemporary style and youthful approach is combined with a timeless aesthetic that can be seen in the predominance of black and white in practice. Whether working in on a TV project, a fashion editorial, a portrait or a music video, Londono’s versatility and creative impulse evince a passionate eye for images in their various forms, inspired by his unique visual culture knowledge and interest in the underground. Under his lens, an improved version of hyper-reality take form, in all its larger-than-life uniqueness. The representation of diversity is a central part of the practice of this open-minded, curious, and free-wielding artist

Artist Marie Davidson is inspired by classical, contemporary, avant-garde electronic music as well as by techno and dance music genres. Working with both sound and vocals, her albums are a mixture of electronic music and spoken word. Having studied classical music and voice as a teenager before exploring her interests in theatre and performance, Davidson delivers live shows that are strikingly unique. She occupies the stage as both DJ and MC, playing her own live music on electronic instruments (synths, drum machine, loop pedals) while using the mic to sing and tell stories.

Gonzalo Soldi is a multidisciplinary artist and co-founder of HUB Studio, a company specializing in the creation and integration of technologies for the performing arts.

John Londono is a photographer, director of photography and director of music videos; his fields of creation are in the amalgam portrait-music-fashion-advertising-art.