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  • French surtitles


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This show is in English.

Under the force of glaciers, boulders strike bedrock and carve crescent grooves marking their struggle. Similarly, the forces of history and memory collide in moments of strife and war, gouging their own scars: chattermarks.

Chattermarks inhabits the necessary reckoning within a post-conflict landscape.

When questions of “What do I make for lunch?” are as insurmountable as “How do we memorialize our pain?”-- when friends who are enemies are friends once more -- where peace is an arbitrary dike, leaking and threatening to burst -- how does a community, and an individual continue?

Invigorating theatre with the operatic play of monuments, we find the tragic, comic, and the sensual hidden in this tenuous moment of agreement. In the wastes, the porous boundaries of war and the complex process of recovery.

In partnership with Wild Side Festival of Centaur Theater

A combination of academic research, collective writing and physical training are staplesof Cabal Theatre’s creative process. They are committed to creating performances that resonate from the personal to the universal, to work with a diverse range of artists from across the country and abroad, weaving the individual voices into the fabric of a collective score. This piece draws from Elizabethan tragedy, opera, post war cinema and literature.

Cabal combines rigorous stage craft with personal experience to create theatre that inspires one to broaden their perspectives and invite more humanity and nuance into their previously held ideals. Cabal approaches each project based on its specific needs, whether through impassioned narrative work or postdramatic presentation, it is often bolstered by arresting media design. They seek to queer normative perspectives by playfully challenging audiences while remaining accessible - not simply alienating but constructively provoking and entertaining. This group of artists have collaborated together on an adaptation of Schiller’s Mary Stuart, the award winning Tragic Queens (recipient of two Montreal English Theatre Awards) and La Somnambule, a large scale immersive performance inspired by Djuna Barnes’ Nightwood.


  • Anthony Kennedy
  • Joseph Shragge
  • Kyle Croutch
  • Jillian Harris
  • Alex Petrachuk
  • Meagan Schroeder
  • Benita Bailey
  • Roxane Loumede
Sound Design
  • Devon Bate
Movement Conceptor
  • Michelle Rambharose
Costumes Design
  • Sophie El-Assaad
Light Design
  • Jon Cleveland
Stage Manager and Production Manager
  • Trystynn Duheme
Stage manager
  • Trevor Barrette
  • Trevor Barrette