Talisman Theatre / Leslie Baker

Clean Slate


  • "Jour de fête" 15$
  • Talkback with the artists
  • French surtitles



18 years of age and older

*This show is presented in English.

This English translation of Catherine Chabot’s vitriolic Table rase captures the brilliance and authenticity of contemporary women’s sociality and inter-dependence.

Facing a terrible tragedy, six friends gather at a site of their shared childhood. They drink, they laugh, but most importantly, they admit things that they have never before had the courage to say. In a world where heroes exist less and less, the young women must be there for each other and become their own heroes.


Talisman has a vibrant, living mission:Since its inception in 2005, Talisman Theatre has held true to its founders’ original mission: to produce English-language premieres of Quebecois plays for Montréal's anglophone audiences.

Artistic director of newly-formed company The Bakery, Leslie has worked internationally as a creator, teacher, performer and movement coach since the 1990’s.  She works in traditional theatrical arenas as well as in-situ performance installations.  She is devoted to the use of the body, visual and aural signifiers in performance. She has toured her devised interdisciplinary creations internationally.  Her solo creation, Fuck You! You Fucking Perv!, was presented at Le Théâtre La Licorne in October 2016.  She has taught Viewpoints (a physical approach to acting) at the National Theatre School of Canada, Concordia University, Studio 303, University of Costa Rica, amongst others.

Clean Slate highlights the talents and strengths of women in both its storytelling and creative process. It is a fiercely honest portrayal of young women aspiring to be their own heroes and regain their autonomy in the face of contemporary society. Featuring six young actresses and the directorial vision of Leslie Baker, it is also a collaboration between two female-lead theatre companies : Talisman Theatre and The Bakery. Baker is employs working with the Viewpoints improvisational technique, theorized by Mary Overlie and employed circulated by Anne Bogart, to create a visceral connection between cast and material. "Viewpoints" cultivates the sense of ensemble creation, active listening, and cumulative emotional articulation.

A Catherine Chabot's text with the collaboration of
  • Brigitte Poupart, Vicky Bertrand, Marie-Anick Blais, Rose-Anne Déry, Sarah Laurendeau et Marie-Noëlle Voisin
  • Jennie Herbin
  • Maureen Labonté
  • Leslie Baker
  • Cleopatra Boudreau
  • Rebecca Gibian
  • Gita Miller
  • Michelle Langlois-Fequet
  • Kathleen Stavert
  • Julie Trepanier
Delivery boy
  • Christian Daoust
Light Design
  • Cédric Bouchard-Delorme
Sound Design
  • Peter Cerone
Set design
  • Peter Bottazzi