Danse-Cité / Katia Gagné

ELLE-MOI. D'un bout du monde à l’autre

Video + Dance + Theatre


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ELLE-MOI. D’un bout du monde à l’autre is a hypnotic train journey. In this lively, choreographic and theatrical installation, Katia Gagné draws inspiration from the meditative imagery of her train travels. A darkly humorous and tender melding of memories and reality. The resulting work revolves around memory and instincts, its fertile blend of dance and video generating multiple superimpositions and layers.  But our gaze invariably returns to the solo dancer in the flesh, Ève Garnier, a fiery and haunted figure accompanied by a choir of women in which different generations interact.

For her first TRACES-HORS-SENTIERS at Danse-Cité, Katia Gagné, surrounded by a panel of amazing female dancers, takes the stage to deliver a unique adventure, a blend of images, sounds, encounters, with a captivating sensitivity.

In each of our lives, at one time or another, there are pivotal junctures, boundaries to cross or not cross, stories, matters to settle.


Katia Gagné’s work combines dance, theater and cinema, by integrating movement, original music, words and videos. She performed for Carbone 14 for eight years, and searches for alternative presentation methods for live art. In 2012, she directed, choreographed, designed videos and edited excerpts from Alfred de Musset’s works, and produced Tout à vous de cœur and De quel rêve étrange je m’éveille, co-presented with the Place des Arts Cinquième Salle.. The first act of ELLE-MOI. D’un bout du monde was presented at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Her new solo Sœur d’une autre mer will be featured at the Place des Arts Cinquième Salle as part of the opening of Quartiers Danses festival.

Choregraphy, video conception - Directed by
  • Katia Gagné
Performance and creation collaboration
  • Ève Garnier
With the participation of
  • Johanne Madore, Lina Malenfant, Annie Roy, Lucie Vigneault + invités
  • Anick La Bissonnière
  • Dino Giancola
Camera and editing
  • Mathieu Leblanc
  • Stefan Nitoslawski

Wednesday, February 8th, 8pm
Thursday, February 9th, 8pm -- There will be a talkback with the artists after the performance
Friday, February 10th, 8pm
Saturday, February 11th, 8pm
Wednesday, February 15th, 8pm -- The performance will be followed by a free concert by Ponteix.
Thursday, February 16th, 8pm -- There will be a talkback with the artists after the performance
Friday, February 17th, 8pm
Saturday, February 18th, 8pm 20h