Katie Ward



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What we imagine shapes our way of seeing things, just as our way of seeing things influences what we imagine.

This choreography is composed of a variety of aspects and fragments of reality that can be reconstructed in the viewer's perception. The range of performative samples are embodied and felt pieces or things - things from each performer’s sense of self and from their bodily impulses and much much more.

The dancers surrender to the present moment - creating a dreamlike environment; a fertile ground for discoveries and A-Ha! moments. imaginationreality offers, on a small scale, an imagination model from which one may reinvent one’s ways of seeing the world.

Katie Ward approached this new creation with a beginner's mind, looking to activate and stimulate the imagination in a performance context and focusing on the question: "What is reality? "

In permaculture, part of creating stability is having a diversity plants and other organisms in the system.  In this work, Ward created space for multiple perspectives different imaginations to find a place. Dancing comes from the testing out of new imaginations, of putting things together that were previously not connected to see what can be made – what new configurations can be imagined and put into action - using the text and imagery to be embodied it in its entirety.

In imaginationreality, dancers and spectators are invited to play specific roles by following parallel scores to be performed simultaneously. A combination of personal images embodied by the dancers and scores spoken by the audience, form a pool of realities.

Katie Ward highlights the many details of a multitude of subjectivities in this choreography, which can be independently perceived and felt by performers and spectators.

Montreal Dancer/Choreographer Katie Ward’s performance scores are works that index reality, setting conditions for disrupting the way we see it so that our relationship to it may be re-imagined. Katie is currently working on solo dance called Anything Whatsoever and a group piece called imaginationreality. Both works highlight performer’s subjectivities by accessing their own body archives. These are minimalist-maximalist pieces in which Katie makes a place for things of all kinds: whole things, parts of things, serious things, refined things, wild things… Past works include group works: Infinity DoughnutRock SteadyHuman Synthesizer, and solo: Matière Grise.

Katie holds a Master of Theatre Practises from Artez University, in Arnhem Netherlands.

Choreographer and performer
  • Katie Ward
Dramaturg and outisde eye
  • Ame Henderson
Light Design
  • Paul Chambers
Sound Design
  • Michael Feuerstack
  • Audrée Juteau, Kelly Keenan, Dany Desjardins, Nathan Yaffe