Mathieu Arsenault / Rhizome

La vie littéraire

Stand-up + Theatre

© Christian Lapointe + Mathieu Arsenault


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Alone on stage, Mathieu Arsenault performs an uninterrupted monologue. His writing being his only scenic prop, he criticizes the cultural industry, forces the audience to confront their consumption habits, but also uncovers our modern anxiety, which is to be forgotten, erased. With the help of Christian Lapointe, who revealed his writing talents on stage in 2008 with Vu d’ici, Arsenault now makes his debut as a performer.


How to account for the process of thought that becomes writing? How to highlight the dichotomy between the author and the protagonist to whom he gives a voice? Is all writing autobiographical?

Moving back and forth between setting the stage for a fictional figure, an inquiry into writing, an author’s conference and an actor’s performance, Arsenault seeks to describe his era by any means necessary. By playing the performer’s role, the author searches for the space between his posture and his means of expression.

With a liberal interpretation of Christian Lapointe’s view of acting as a starting point, the author-performer takes ownership of his work’s voice and forces himself to fully accept accountability for its contents.

While attending workshops on stage speech with Christian Lapointe at the Maison de la littérature and memorizing his script with Jocelyn Pelletier, performer in Vu d’ici and rehearsal coordinator for La vie littéraire, Arsenault gets his feet wet and takes upon himself the contents of his writing while confronting his readers.

Mathieu Arsenault is an author and critic. His book La vie littéraire was published by Quartanier and more recently he released Le guide des bars et pubs de Saguenay. His first two books, Album de finissants and Vu d’ici, were adapted into plays. He also founded the Académie de la vie littéraire, which rewards authors who are unjustly neglected by other literary awards. His columns are published in Liberté, and literature inspired shirts he created are on sale on his online shop, While he has been a regular at public readings and open mic events for over ten years, this adaptation of La vie littéraire is his first real theatrical experience.

From and with
  • Mathieu Arsenault
  • Christian Lapointe, Simon Dumas
  • Jocelyn Pelletier
  • Rhizome
  • Théâtre Blanc, Maison de la Littérature
With the support of
  • Recto-verso
  • Lola Tillard

Wednesday, March 22 at 8pm
Thursday, March 23 at 8pm
Friday, March 24 at 8pm
Monday, March 27 at 7pm
Tuesday, March 28 at 8pm
Thursday, March 30 at 8pm
Friday, March 31 at 8pm

Les Productions Arreuh sont un organisme indépendant qui promeut les pratiques poétiques, performatives, artistiques et enfantines dans l’espace public. Elles s’associent à Mathieu Arsenault et Rhizome pour déployer une série de 5 à 7 en marge du spectacle La vie littéraire.

▶ Jeudi 23 mars - Parce que sinon tes doigts servent à rien: 5 à 7 poétique au piano. Avec Martine Audet, Emmanuel Deraps, Sébastien Dulude et Caroline Louiseize.

▶ Vendredi 24 mars - Épiques Voices: 5 à 7 bilingue avec traduction spontanée. Avec Bertrand Laverdure, Hector Ruiz et +

▶ Jeudi 30 mars - Ce que je ne t’ai jamais dit: 5 à 7 poétique avec Duo Camaro. Avec Virginie Beauregard-D., Duo Camaro (Pierre Brouillette-Hamelin et Alexandre Dostie) et François Rioux.