Gabriel Plante

Le Cid


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In this revisiting of Corneille’s Le Cid, the story of our present-day overlords – not merely power struggles or moral precepts – are shown to still hold sway in a form of modern-day serfdom that manipulates every last element of contemporary “peasant” life. Intransigent powers-that-be – with their origins in the distant past – hold the reigns over economic structures that control society. These contemporary kings influence the way we think to such an extent that they can impose order and make counterfeit language.

Decontextualizing the 17th-century French play, author and stage director Gabriel Plante takes an unexpected tack on the story of Le Cid. Corneille’s classic lines become a sonic stream that infuses scenic reality with a sense of unease.

Le Cid has benefited from a partnership with the National Theatre School of Canada.

Le Cid was made possible thanks to the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts de Montréal and Secrétariat du Québec aux relations canadiennes.  

Gabriel Plante is a 2015 graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s playwriting program and winner of the 2016 Prix Gratien-Gélinas for his play Histoire populaire et sensationnelle. Since 2012, he has created and produced three plays: Clap Clap, Cube Blanc, and Plyball, presented variously at La Chapelle, the OFFTA Festival, and at the Chantier du Carrefour international de théâtre de Québec. Gabriel Plante’s work decontextualizes stories from their original sources in order to reconfigure their readings and discover the dramaturgical potential of social practices that would typically not seem germane to theatrical treatment.

 Création Dans la Chambre is a live arts production company that explores the terrain of intimacy through unexpected and uncanny contexts. Making work that often assumes unclassifiable forms, Création Dans La Chambre reconnects staged art with sensory experience in an artisanal practice that weaves intimacy and spirituality, politics and philosophy. Ever conscious of how art-making resonates with the sacred, our work invents rituals that evoke a universe of poetic potential; but ours in not a religious discourse, rather it is part of how attempt to evoke intense experiences for our spectators. For us, theatrical space is a living environment of encounters. Our company makes pieces from a place of collective thought, where all our collaborators have a say in the various elements of the show: in so doing, we create performative objects that transcend each of us, and provide an intersubjective philosophical scope to our work. Our goal is to find new ways of seeing that eschew the personal in favour of more expansive statements about our value systems, collective cruelty, our complex beauty, introspective poetics, and our mindful detachment from things.

Born during a month-long residency organized by Théâtre du Trillium, Plante’s re-visitation of the Le Cid is grounded in the director/playwright’s approach to decontextualization. His practice draws strong inspirations from the work of choreographer Nicolas Cantin and director Christian Lapointe: Plante has found a middle ground between Cantin’s minimalism and Lapointe’s expansive approach, particularly in the latter’s Comment dire (“how to say”) method. What is brought to the stage is a piece where actors write with the instruments of their own bodies, sounds, and voices, and performative value is extracted from the constraints applied to a baroque, 17th-century work.

  • Pierre Corneille
  • Gabriel Plante
  • Félix-Antoine Boutin 
Set Design
  • Odile Gamache
Light Design
  • Julie Basse
  • Jacques Poulin-Denis
mostly Chimene
  • Amélie Dallaire
mostly Infanta
  • Élisabeth Smith
old men
  • Gaétan Nadeau 
mostly Rodrigue
  • Jocelyn Pelletier
Technical Director
  • Gabriel Duquette
Costumes assistant
  • Léonie Blanchet
Assistant Director and stage manager
  • Vanessa Beaupré 
Production Manager
  • Émilie Martel 
  • Création dans la chambre
  • Théâtre Trillium
Production intern
  • Madelyne Johnston
Creation of surtitles
  • Elaine Normandeau