Christian Lapointe + Collectif Quatorze18

Another Beautiful Sunday


© Antoine Ferland, Gabriel-Antoine Roy
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  • English surtitles


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Friday December 7th: talkback after the show

In Another Beautiful Sunday (Les beaux dimanches), Québec playwright Marcel Dubé paints a portrait of society in the generation of the ensemble actors’ grandparents. It’s the story of the morning after a party in a well-to-do Montreal suburb one fine Sunday in 1965.

While the play seems to merely show how a group of jaded couples spend their afternoon, it’s actually Dubé’s microcosm of an unanchored society, where hopeless people have given up changing the world in favour of just killing time.

Playwright, director, actor and educator Christian Lapointe is one of the foremost artists in Quebec’s theatrical avant-garde. Since the early 2000s, his work has been presented in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Avignon and beyond. He directed two plays for Quebec City theatre company Carte Blanche before becoming co-artistic director with set designer Jean Hazel in 2013, and since 2017, as artistic director in his own right.

Quatorze 18 is a theatre ensemble made up of 11 actor/co-creators from the 2018 graduating class of the National Theatre School of Canada’s French stream. The troupe is motivated by a dual desire to create contemporary work and rework classics from the Québécois repertoire.

In January of 2016, director and theatre-maker Christian Lapointe was artist in residence at the National Theatre School of Canada, where he met the cohort of second year acting students enrolled in his Jeu de l’acteur (“Actors at play”) course, a pedagogical technique Lapointe had developed over the course of 10 years in various schools and conservatories. The meeting was an electrifying artistic encounter for the students. After a semester of working with Lapointe, the troupe chose to present for their 3rd year production a classic work from the Québec repertoire by Marcel Dubé, the trailblazing playwright who died on April 7, 2016. Not only was Les beaux dimanches one of Dubé’s most famous works, but the 11-character dramatis personae was an exact match for the number of students in that year’s class. In Lapointe’s mind, the play belonged in the repertoire if it could stand the test of time, and if it got remounted.  With the most recent professional production dating to the Théatre du Nouveau Monde’s 1993 season under director Lorraine Pintal, Lapointe and Quatorze 18 seized the opportunity to test Dubé’s text in a modern context and using contemporary dramaturgical codes.

  • Christian Lapointe
Light design
  • Chantal Labonté
Set Design
  • Etienne René-Contant, Vincent Pouliot, Marilyne Beauchamp
Production Manager
  • Émile Beaudoin Lafortune
  • Félix-Antoine Cantin, Claudia Chillis-Rivard, Étienne Courville, Nadine Desjardins, Patrice Ducharme-Castonguay, Étienne Lou, Virginie Morin-Laporte, Jules Ronfard, Gabriel-Antoine Roy, Rosemarie Sabor, Élisabeth Smith
  • Carte Blanche
Creation of surtitles
  • Elaine Normandeau