Maria Kefirova

Measuring distance


© Svetla Atanasova

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Measuring distance is a dance performance about shifting viewpoints, changing points of contact, and moving points of reference; it is about allocentric and egocentric forces, about momentum and about the explosion of inertia. It could be a tool for locating oneself.

Or a way that reverses far into close, and vice-versa.

The is new creation by Maria Kefirova experiments with methods of measuring, unfolds various maps and offers divers perspectives over the same space.

It is a continuation of her reflection over the question: “How can I translate the concept of 'distance' into relation, knowledge and sensation?”


Speed of information, fragmentation of attention, shifts in reference points, and uniformization of sensibilities are constantly reconfiguring the geography of the internal and external maps.

Maria Kefirova’s relation to “Close, Far and The Limit” undergoes a complex turbulence and asks for movement towards spacio-temporal synchronicity.

Maria Kefirova believes that by carefully measuring a certain space or reality she can enhance its presence, its materiality, volume and velocity; she can get in sync with the  space,  and  with herself in the given space.

Playing with the concept of “distance”, she looks for the gaps in which the numerical quotation of spatial distances can be reshaped. She is curious about the space that opens when scientific and poetical measurements are used simultaneously, when distance is not only a numerical value, but also a social, emotional or a political one.

She is interested in the act of a collapsing distance and its capacity to reset the perception of the reality.

Maria Kefirova is a dancer and choreographer based since 1992 in Montréal. Parallel to her work as a performer, she has been developing her own artistic practice combining dance, theatre, performance and video. The main focus in her work is the correlation between internal and external realities, as well as the body’s role as an interface between the two, which is at the heart of many of her works (The Nutcracker – 2014, Corps. Relations – 2010, Gold Meat – 2010, Manufacturing Tears – 2009). Through choreography she builds physical spaces for movement of attention, thought and energy (Distance – 2016, The Paradise -2015 and Why are dogs successful on stage? – 2012). Her work has been presented in different festivals and venues in Canada, US, Europe and Mexico. From 2009 to 2012, Maria was a participant at DasArts, a residential laboratory for performing arts, research and innovation located in Amsterdam. She teaches workshops and expands her own choreographic practice through collaborations with other artists (Miguel Melgarez, Jean -François Laporte, Hanako Hoshimi- Caines, Katie Ward, Jonathan Parant, Paul Chambers and Sameena Sitbakhan).

Choreography and performance
  • Maria Kefirova
Light design
  • Paul Chambers
Artistic advisors
  • Miguel Melgares
  • Florence Figols
  • Diego Gil