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(MORE) PROPOSITIONS FOR THE AIDS MUSEUM is an interdisciplinary production that focuses on complex ways of remembering of the AIDS crisis. By blending music, images, the written word and the human body itself, the team behind this show attempts to make sense of histories that are often erased from official accounts, all the while reflecting on the urgencies of that battle in the modern political climate. Building on a kaleidoscopic perspective rather than a didactic one, (M)PFTAM explores how anger and hope, even today, have a role in political action.

An artist dies of AIDS in architectural isolation; an activist group contends with the impulse to forget everything and party; a solitary drag queen prepares for the stage; historical accounts, new and period music, movement, and protest slogans are braided and unbraided in a web of sensory and affective tableaux posing simultaneous questions about the mutual insufficiency of art and activism.

An unraveling, disparate presentation of scenes is the modus operandi, as the show plays with repetition, contamination and free association. The multidisciplinarity of the performers is foregrounded at every turn, and with them, projets hybris creates a living museum, an organized chaos. A sustained focus on the body itself as the epicenter of this crisis, along with the role of memory in cultural production. In the place of nostalgia, an iconoclastic irony is employed, defusing the tragic impulse.


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(MORE) PROPOSITIONS FOR THE AIDS MUSEUM begins with research and accumulation of raw source material: theoretical, narrative and poetic essays, fiction movies, documentaries, music, art, etc. Each member then goes through the material and pursues research according to their own interests and experiences. This leads to exploration and improvisation, confrontation and dissection of ideas and material.

projets hybris eschews traditional hierarchical roles in their productions and prefers a more collaborative approach. By insisting on a lateral dialogue between collaborators rather than compartmentalizing their skills, by creating an effective conversation between artists of different horizons and disciplines, the material becomes colored by every artist’s subjectivity.

By placing themselves at a multidisciplinary crossroads, projets hybris aims to make collaboration the driving force behind all of their projects. Identity politics are a huge part of their work, which often include references to queer and feminist theories and ideologies. For the OFFTA 2016 festival, projets hybris presented the first stage of their YOUNGNESSE project. Among others, they have produced PERSONA (2011), ORPHÉE REVOLVER (2010-12) and of course PROPOSITIONS FOR THE AIDS MUSEUM (2014). In 2015, projets hybris organized the HORS-SCÈNE event, where artists, organizations, university students and institutions all reunited to exchange ideas. They have also been awarded 3 Cochons d'Or awards, which celebrates emerging theatre, and have been offered residencies in a number of institutions.

Directed by
  • Philippe Dumaine
  • Mylène Bergeron
  • Steeven Pedneault
  • Hugo Dalphond
  • Maude Arès
  • Philippe Dumaine, Danièle Simon
  • Mykalle Bielinski
  • Maude Arès, Jordan Arseneault, Antoine Beaudoin Gentes, Mykalle Bielinski, Philippe Dandonneau, Joseph Elliot Israël Gorman, Patrick R. Lacharité, Keven Lee, Danièle Simon
Production manager
  • Nicola Dubois
Produced by
  • projets hybris
(MORE) PROPOSITIONS FOR THE AIDS MUSEUM is an updated version of a 2014 show which was originally presented at the Écuries for the Phénomena festival.
(M)PFTAM is supported by the Conseil des arts de Montréal. Creative residencies were held at the MAI (Montréal arts interculturels) and the Ateliers de LA SERRE – arts vivants.

Monday April 24th 7pm. Special guest: Jean-Pierre Routy 

Tuesday April 25th 8pm. Special guest: Puelo Deir 
-- Talkback with the artists after the performance, with interventions from Antoine Damiens. 

Thursday April 27th 8pm.  Special guest: Anne Golden
-- Talkback with the artists after the performance, with interventions from Sophie Devirieux.

Friday April 28 th 8pm. Special guest: Atif “Trannietronic” Siddiqi