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12 years of age and older

White privilege, late-capitalism, perimenopause, oh my! OUFF

OUFF is the heaviest of sighs, an overwhelmed expiration, the forced eviction of obsolete molecules in an audible manner. An interdisciplinary work of words and sounds, strange body shapes and a set that upstages the diva, OUFF is an spectacle of confrontation by a solitary but fragmented femme negotiating her own role, as victim and victor, pawn and princess in a commodity-crazed-brink-of-collapse world propped up by the violent dominance of whiteness.

This is the first scripted solo performance by interdisciplinary sound and cabaret artist Alexis O’Hara, working in close collaboration with artist and designer Atom Cianfarani whose sets and costumes belie the false equivalency of what is named white, in reality a mish-mash of entitled blonde, dirty bandage beige, bloated bleu-blanc, saggy fake-tan or tipsy old rosé. The project embraces the awkward trappings of wokeness, the urgency to adapt and evolve and a self-aware clumsiness that still yearns for grace.


The work of Alexis O’Hara embraces the transcendent potential of the accidental, the universal magic of humour and the opportunity trapped in the stuff that people throw away. She has toured internationally with her spoken-noise performances and a popular sound installation that proposed spontaneous musical collaboration between strangers. She has released four albums, a book of poetry and enough helium-filled balloons to get her dress caught up in a chandelier. Her work has been presented in diverse contexts across the Americas and Europe. In 2016, she was awarded the Powerhouse Prize. Alexis and her alter ego, Guizo La Nuit are mainstays of the Montréal cabaret scene. OUFF is her first full-length solo performance piece.

Writer, director, sound design, performer
  • Alexis O'Hara
Production Design
  • Atom Cianfarani
  • Aaron Pollard
  • Anne-Françoise Jacques
Light Design
  • Laura-Rose Grenier
Outside eye
  • Dana Michel
OUFF benefited from a creative residency at
  • La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines
with the support of
  • Conseil des arts de Montréal, Conseil des arts du Canada