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Pour is a work that documents and exposes menstruation in order to un-censor women's pain and stories. A work that explores the vulnerability and strength of women, uncovering the layers of sickness in our bodies and transforming energy through performance.

The artist utilizes imagery she has gathered from both Indigenous seal hunting and commercialized seal slaughter to evoke sensations of cycle, tradition and destruction. Like her previous works, Ashbee has created a dark and disturbing creation that confronts it’s audience. Her use of repetition evokes transformation which hints towards many possibilities for a resolution while maintaining an intense vulnerability between the performer and the audience.


Daina Ashbee is an artist, performer and choreographer. Her work is often influenced by her Cree, Metis and Dutch heritage and her experiences as a young woman, using both contemporary and traditional means as expression.

Daina has been awarded mentorship and residencies at Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique, at MAI, Montreal Arts Interculturels and Studio 303 for the project, Unrelated. Her work has been presented for The Global Alliance Against Female Genital Mutilation in Switzerland (2015), at the Musée d'ethnographie de Genève (2015), at La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines (2015) and at MAI, Montréal Arts Interculrels (2014).

Most recently, Daina has become a finalist for CALQ Prize – Work of an Emerging Artist in Montréal in 2015, for her work Unrelated. She is thrilled to present this piece in Mexico and Europe (Norway and London) in 2016.

Choregraphy and scenography
  • Daina Ashbee
  • Paige Culley
  • Jean-François Blouin
  • Hugo Dalphond
  • Guylaine Savoie (Diagramme - gestion culturelle)
Administrative Officers
  • Valérie Buddle et Stéphanie Murphy (Diagramme - gestion culturelle)
  • Suzie Larivée (La Tribu)
Technical director
  • Pierre Lavoie
  • Émilie Morin
Pour has benefited from the support services to the production of Diagramme – gestion culturelle.

Monday September 26th 7pm
Tuesday September 27th 8pm
Thursday September 29th 8pm
Friday September 30th 8pm

- Daina Ashbee’s new dance piece connects tradition and destruction, blood and ice. By James Oscar of Cult MTL.
Une conception (im)maculée. By Mélanie Carpentier, Le Devoir.
- «Pour» : variations sur les écoulements féminins. By Sophie Jama, Huffington Post.
DES CYCLES À L’ENDURANCE. By Mélanie Boisliveau, DF Danse.