Andréane Leclerc & Dany Desjardins

Sang Bleu


© Patrick Simard




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Sang Bleu is an exploration about the body and its relationship to its material components.

Clusters of flesh and bacteria that interpenetrate, devour each other, and decompose.

Whether it is through death, illness or infection, the artists offer a vision of degeneration that divorced from finality or the annihilation of the body. Rather, it is a process of physical transfiguration and the constant evolution of the flesh.

Dany Desjardins and Andréane Leclerc collaborated for the first time on the show "Mange-Moi" - presented at Tangente (2014) and at La Chapelle (2015). From this meeting, the artists noted their common interest in the dramaturgical research of the "dancing body" and the "circus body", as well as a need to question the conventions established in their respective disciplines. Therefore, a desire to continue this collaboration leads them into a process of research and creation of a hybrid duo piece, between dance and contemporary contortion.


  • Andréane Leclerc, Dany Desjardins
Sound design
  • Olivier Girouard
Lighting and technical direction
  • Rasmus Eeg Sylvest
Dramaturgical advisor
  • Nathalie Claude
  • Thierry Huard
Creative Residences
  • Espace Marie Chouinard, Monument-National, New Dance Alliance New York City, École de danse Florence Fourcaudot
Technical residences
  • La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, Maison de la culture et Centre culturel Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Sala Hiroshima
Co-produced by
  • La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, Studio 303, Nadère arts vivants, Dany Desjardins
  • Mélanie Primeau pour Bureau de Prod

Andéane Leclerc is interested in the performative stage, dramaturgy, and examining the “circus body.” A graduate of the École nationale de cirque (2001), contortion, for her, is a fluid corporeal technique that has the power to invoke a world of sensations and mental associations that surpass spectacle. She has focused on sensation over sensationalism in her work, which since 2009 has included Di(x)parue; InSuccube; Bath House; Cherepaka; Mange-Moi; La Putain de Babylone and continues to perform for various international projects (such as The Tiger Lilies Perform Hamlet at the Théâtre République). In 2013, she earned a Master’s on the dramaturgy of “prowess” from UQÀM’s theatre department, then founded her own company, Nadère arts vivants, as artistic director.

Dany Desjardins began his artistic career through drawing and theatre. After studying visual art, he completed a dance program in Drummondville and furthered his studies at the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal. Since 2007, Dany has worked for several companies, including Daniel Léveillé Danse, PPS Danse, Le GAG, Chouinard, and has collaborated with choreographers Catherine Gaudet, George Stamos, David Pressault and Katie Ward.

After making Shitoi & Dordur (2007), All villains have a broken heart (2008), and On Air (2009), he went on to present POW WOW (2011) and Winnin’ (2014) at La Chapelle. His work has also been shown at Usine C, Tangente, Quartiers Danse, Vue sur la relève, OFFTA, Short & Sweet and Piss in the Pool.

“The encounter between our respective physical languages allowed us to test them and reconfigure their habits, in order to create a common physical language. The exploration began with the theme of death, in the sense of a process of renewal and of constant physical transformation. Our aesthetic takes cues from the work of Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum and Patrick Bernatchez’s Chrysalides series, among others.”