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Bilingual show

Youngnesse is a reflection on the political energy of youth. Dance, theatre, music, performance and visual art come together in a series of tableaux about a generation galvanized by the transformative potential of collective action. What kind of future can we imagine, realistically? When we cannot decide whether to shout, protest, withdraw, or escape, the only defense mechanism left is the energy we have. Live on stage with projets hybris, you'll see the band DRY SEC, newly formed by members of VICTIME and Technical Kidman.

Youngnesse is youth torn between utopian idealism and nihilistic disillusionment. It’s the despair and anger caused by the suppression of marginalized ideas, but also a celebration of innovation and invention that emerge from struggle. With a physical language that is mutable, intense, and unstable, bodies manifest utopian imaginings that dissipate as quickly as they are formed. Eschewing narrative for a performative mode, alternative hopes and dreams coalesce into an acerbic, vital, luminous riposte to an unbearably morbid status quo.


Youngnesse has received financial support from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Conseil des arts de Montréal, and was offered creative residencies at Hexagram-UQAM, La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, Espace Cercle carré and at the Carrefour culturel de Notre-Dame-des-Prairies.


Show presented in partnership with

projets hybris is an interdisciplinary, queer and feminist creation company based in Montréal. Its work is grounded in the ambiguity of connections, the ephemerality of intersections, and the colliding of disciplines. Its artistic practice is defined by its eminently political content. The company takes a critical look at the power relationships that underlie our communities by centering, in all its projects, issues relating to marginalized individuals, knowledges, histories and cultures. It infiltrates various networks and venues - theatres, art galleries, alternative scenes, universities - which in turn push its practice towards ever more hybrid forms. projets hybris has presented the creations thegiftsofthegifted (2017), Propositions for the AIDS Museum (2014-2017), I await the devil’s coming (2017) and Orphée Revolver (2010-2012), and regularly takes part in collective events.

projets hybris sets up non-hierarchical contexts for creation, where uninhibited improvisation leads artists from several disciplines to overcome their own boundaries and dissolve frameworks attached to artistic disciplines.

From a queer and feminist viewpoint, Youngnesse is built from personal memories of social and political commitment, while also creating space for a transhistorical conversation with unknown or forgotten figures of youth resistance.

Influenced by the energy involved in political action, the physical and visual language of Youngnesse searches for viable new life forms, new (wobbly) possibilities to be built. The angular, visceral live music, with its gritty sounds and electrifying jolts, creates a manifest tension. The imbrication of performers and musicians on stage brings the show to a disturbing trance, as the extensive presence of the lights, all in saturated colours, further disjoints reality by communicating sensitive impressions.

  • Philippe Dumaine
Light design
  • Hugo Dalphond
  • Marilou Craft
Technical manager
  • Nicola Dubois
Live music
  • DRY SEC (Mathieu Arsenault, Laurence Gauthier-Brown, Samuel Gougoux, Simon Provencher)
Performed by
  • Maude Arès, Antoine Beaudoin Gentes, Angie Cheng, Sarah Chouinard Poirier, Danièle Simon