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Récréations (Recess) is a special project created for the students of elementary school au Pied-de-la-Montagne, located in our neighborhood. Récréations includes several phases, with the objective of helping students discover artistic and technical professions, programming and the "behind the scene" reality of a multidisciplinary theater.

In addition to attending a dedicated show, students from grades 1 to 6 are invited to participate in artistic and technical workshops, created and facilitated by artists of our programming. With varied activities and pedagogical approaches, we put forth a vision of performing arts which is nuanced and multiple, thus demonstrating the diversity of artistic paths. Through these activities, students will become more familiar with contemporary creation and experience a first contact with a professional venue.

This project benefits from the financial support of the CALQ, in the context of the program Projets structurants en diffusion jeune public.

April 21, 2020 - We are proud to launch a mini-serie of drawings by Youloune, featuring La Chapelle's educational program: Récréations ! This miniseries will be available on our social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram.

Through 10 episodes, you will discover the different phases of this program, which invited the students of an elementary school to artistic and technical workshops, discussions with artists, and more ! The miniseries will be featuring the students from au Pied-de-la-Montagne.


In the current situation, it may be difficult to find new and engaging activities - for you and your children. In this episode, we share the card game ON BOUGE ! (Let's move !), initially created for Récréation's dance workshops in class.

ON BOUGE ! is a collaborative game, which exercises our imaginations, our bodies, our ability to improvise and to share ideas. You can play it with two players or more, and even remotely !

Download the instructions and printable cards here : https://bit.ly/2zp1cZe

We would like to introduce to you our partner, the school au Pied-de-la-Montagne, whose students are the stars of the Récréations program!

The school is located a few steps away from La Chapelle and now has a total of 565 students, from 4 to 12 years old. A quarter of them were born outside of Quebec. The school represents about thirty countries and about fifteen languages, other than French.

Four 1st grade classes visit La Chapelle for the first time. Students discover the dressing rooms, take ownership of the room, backstage and spaces rarely open to the public! The tour ends with balance and improvisation games on the stage. Makes you want to come back, doesn't it ? 

The students participate in a workshop led and designed by an artist around movement. An opportunity for the students to enter the heart of artistic practice and its challenges. By the way, it was through these encounters that we created the game Let's Move ! Downloadable HERE.

The artists who participated in the past are Lucie Vigneault7Starr and Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep.

As part of a playful workshop, students explore the technical aspects of a show in the company of artists and technicians.The children discover jobs essential to the production and staging of shows, observe how lighting is done, the sound console and how the installation is done.

The students discover a contemporary piece, during a performance presented especially for them. It's also an opportunity to exchange with the artists and ask questions !

The big day has finally arrived ! The students from the 6th grade present their year end show at La Chapelle, in front of their peers and parents and in professional technical conditions.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 prohibited this year's 6th grade classes to present their show at La Chapelle as planned... But we had the chance to see them at work in class during a rehearsal, and what a talented group ! Way to go students ! 

Today, we introduce our star collaborator Youloune, who illustrated all of the episodes of this series !

Youloune is a French illustrator living and working in Montreal. She draws as if pulling a thread from a bobbin, to create silhouettes and stories. Observing everyday life and humans met everywhere, everything becomes pure lines and suggestions, laid down on paper. With a diploma in illustration and textile design from Paris, she has collaborated numerous times with the press, associations, fashion brands, art and design collectives and museums.

Youloune has worked with La Chapelle on Récréations since April 2019. She has also illustrated many shows of our regular programming.

Find out more about Youloune's work and projects :


We have reached the end our miniserie journey, we are proud to officially announce the launch (paper!) of the Récréations publication ! The publication will even have a poster 11 x 19, with a lot of new illustrations !

This limited edition will be available when the theater will reopen to the public. We can't wait !