About La Chapelle

Founded in 1990, La Chapelle is located in the heart of Montreal within a stone’s throw of the bustling St-Laurent Boulevard. This creative space is also a center of cultural dissemination and a non-profit organization devoted to performing arts that aims to be at the forefront of multidisciplinary young creation.

The programming of La Chapelle emphasizes art in which experimentation and research prevail. It navigates between francophone and anglophone theatre, contemporary dance, performance art, music, new artistic practices and multidisciplinary shows that transcend boundaries.

La Chapelle is a meeting and reflection place for local and international artists, a catalyst venue for contemporary creation, and a motor for the presentation of performing arts in all their diversity and complexity. Driven by a passion for cultural dissemination of innovative events and committed to the promotion of creators, La Chapelle aims to spur the professional milieu, to develop an audience sensitive to subversive approaches and above all, to enrich the contemporary artistic heritage.