L'autre cirque

Maxim Laurin + Gabrielle Martin + Basile Philippe + Clara Prezzavento et Luisina Rosas + Tristan Robquin

contemporary circus


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MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE and La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines come together for the benefit of the other circus, the one that celebrates the hybridity of the approaches, that mixes and disguises, disturbs sometimes, renews always!

These outstanding evenings, at the edge of circus and other forms of expression, give carte blanche to artists who choose alternate creative pathways.

An opportunity to discover a circus that is different and enjoy new experiences!

Limb(e)s is an interdisciplinary show between contemporary circus and contemporary dance. It is a duet that plays with the weights of consciousness through ground work, and a hanging body on invented material of multi-level rope loops. The piece explores the inherent dependence in social beings, who find the temporary solace in the limbs of another, and the inevitable solitude at the heart of our mortality, the solitary cycles of loss that the soul endures in the limbo of earthly incarnations. It offers the darkest hour and wonders what it means to carry or let go.


Limb(e)s was created by Cie Ci, Gabrielle Martin and Jeremiah Hughes. Both artists have a background in dance. They worked for several years with Cirque du Soleil (Toruk) as lead characters and also performed aerial and stage fighting, respectively. Throughout the creation process of Limb(e)s, they left their comfort zone, looking for new movements, whether in the air or on the ground. They used a dance approach to create a vocabulary of ground-dependent movements, bodies between them, and an overhead material of rope loops. For the sequences in the air, they explored the movement activated by their aerial technique, which is not defined by the existing vocabulary. They deliberately invented aerial material as a departure from those previously studied and realized. The vocabulary they developed expresses situations that require to choose between the self and the other.


Stage director: Gabrielle Martin

Choreographers and performers: Jeremiah Hughes et Gabrielle Martin
Composer: Nicolas Bernier
Costume conception: Coline Dubois-Gryspeert

The Limb(e)s would like to thank Conseil des arts du Canada for their support.
This show benefited from Résidences Ponctuelles de l’Espace Catastrophe //
Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque (BE)
The show benefited also from a residency at Cirkör LAB (SE)

This piece is a trio for an acrobat, a donut and its center.

This piece is about circus.

This piece is about acrobatics.

Within / Beignade is a short play starring the relationship of the object and the acrobat. We see a man and two mattresses live, create and share thanks to the acrobatic movement and the inane situations in which they evolve.

Within / Beignade is a time, a place, a freedom. But it is also a survival, a loneliness and a lack.

Within / Beignade II this is our current manifesto, that of our now, and this will be until the next.

« Je vous précise... si vous êtes un artiste à salons, pour salons, pour patronages, pour Cellules, pour Ambassades, pour Cinéma, vous vous présentez comment ?... En habit, pardi !... en bel uniforme !... c'est entendu ! en chromo !... il le faut !... mais si vous êtes côté : lyrique ?... né lyrique ?... réellement lyrique !... alors, ça va plus !... y a plus de costumes pour votre nature !... nerfs à vif, qu'il faut vous lancer, vous présenter !... vos nerfs à vif !... les vôtres !... pas les nerfs d'autrui !... oh, là, non ! bien les vôtres !... plus qu'à poil !... à vif !... plus que « tout nu » !... et tout votre « je » en avant !... hardi !... pas de tricheries ! »

- Louis-Ferdinand Céline (Entretiens avec le Professeur Y)

D'un corps débile is the pretext of an initiatory Odyssey, of a long journey to the discovery of oneself. To the discovery of the secret. It is enthusiasm without cold, the will to find the secret and the little God who is in us by the same incantation. It is a raw and wild test where mysticism and aesthetics do not embrace without tumult.


Ideation and performance : Tristan Robquin
Outside eye : Peter James
Music - Louis-Ferdinand Céline (RÈGLEMENTS) - Choeur de l'Armée Rouge (Chant du régiment Drozdovski) - Stockhausen (Studie I)

La mort d'un cerf-volant is a circus piece, more specifically of a German wheel. The artists, two girls, evolve following a cycle, always the same, which evolves at each recovery: that of mourning. Shock, denial, anger, sadness, resignation, acceptance, rebuilding. Their bodies speak of this mourning, the mourning of someone, the mourning of childhood, the mourning of convictions, the mourning of lost battles, the mourning of despair; they move, and say all those things for which we simply do not have words for.

They go through these cycles, always alternately - they share the load. Where they meet is in the game. They play, to forget a little, or rather to keep the mind healthy, and sometimes the disc bogged down and they continue to play, stubbornly.

This piece speaks of the courage to keep your eyes open when what you see is unbearable. Their goal is to keep each other awake, not to let the other fall asleep, or to hide the face. They have the will to open, to erase all the borders. A human experience, in itself, as simple as it is complex: sad things that make you laugh, funny things that make you cry. It is this experience that they ultimately make together.

A discreet sentry enlightens two men, so far, so close, towards this quest for balance and harmony which is always so fragile.

The rocking, in the center of the stage, at the heart of the work, privileged witness of their meeting, magnifies their physical capacities, propels them in the theatricality of the bodies, in the fertile game of the flight, in the provocation of the fall… In this circular space, purified, with a live sound window, Ugo and Max, go to meet the other, inviting the past and the future, in the present!

The curtain rises, the curtain falls, the circle closes ... This moment, the shared one, reveals a singular trio, draws a unique triangle in current circus colors: The ghost light.