Jean-François Boisvenue +
Claire Renaud

Contre la suite du monde


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By a combination of theater and digital arts Contre la suite du monde explores our citizen excesses and our political exhaustion.

At a breaking point, three individuals without stories confess their stall in relation to the world around them. They let go. They are stunned, angry, in denial, disillusioned, endearing and ridiculous. Absurd and cathartic, their encounter confronts them to the echoes of their own emptiness. To fight their way through anxiety, they will learn to listen to themselves at new.

With sound and video interventions, the trio assembles fragments of memories, philosophical reflections and hateful comments gleaned on the Internet to discover how we collectively bifurcated towards a dark future. In solo or in chorus, all are staged to witness the last jolts of a world that does not know how to end.

Founded by multidisciplinary artist Jean-François Boisvenue and scenographer Claire Renaud, the company La nuit / Le bruit creates stories based on theoretical and philosophical research on societal issues.

Their creations take the form of interdisciplinary scenic essays that are both poetic and documentary. They thus create areas of intellectual resistance where the public is invited to question the world with self-deprecation and their own roles as citizens.

Contre la suite du monde uses sensors integrated into the stage that allow the performers to become directors of their universe. The show is often compared to a radio that seeks its frequency. From the intimate to the universal we capture in fragments a society that no longer thinks of itself and does not realize that everything is collapsing in the background.

After five years of artistic collaboration in theater and cinema, Claire Renaud and Jean-François Boisvenue decided to join forces to create the company La nuit / Le bruit around a poetic-documentary tryptic project.

The first installment La dette de Dieu (La Chapelle Scènes contemporaines, 2018) addresses the theme of credit and debt in an interdisciplinary form combining theater, dance, music and conferences. The second chapter Contre la suite du monde (La Chapelle Scènes contemporaines, 2019) draws a fragmented portrait of our drifting political consciousness. A third chapter, Pour ne pas en finir avec demain, will address the transition to a post-capitalist world, questioning new forms of community and societal organizations.

Parallel to this first cycle of creation, La nuit / Le bruit continues its documentary, poetic and interdisciplinary research in two projects currently under creation : Nyctophobie and Le Point de fuite de l’évidence.

Authors and Directors
  • Claire Renaud, Jean-François Boisvenue
Assistant Director and production coordinator
  • Marie-Jeanne Beaulieu
  • Peter Farbridge, Philippe Racine, Ève Pressault
Set Design and Video Design
  • Jean-François Boisvenue, Claire Renaud
Digital, lighting design and technical aspects
  • Catherine FP
Sound Design
  • Marc-André Mignault
Artistic Advisor
  • René-Daniel Dubois
Technical management
  • Dominic Dubé
Press officer
  • Daniel Meyer
With the participation of Alain Deneault and Zab Maboungou