Jesse Mac Cormack + Rosie Valland - Acoustic Sessions



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This show is part of La Chapelle's acoustic sessions, an annual event, an invitation to hear today's music differently, in an intimate and refined experience, without microphone and closer to the artist.

Partners of La Chapelle's Acoustic Sessions : CULT MTL and Suoni Per Il Popolo


Not everything appears instantly. Jesse Mac Cormack’s astonishing debut album arrives unhurried: a work of ardent, kaleidoscopic art-rock that is a culmination of a meticulous five-year evolution. Over the course of three EPs, the Montreal native has gathered accolades and refined his vision, nourishing a songwriting that is lavish and undaunted.

On this first LP, Mac Cormack knew he wanted to make music that would thrive in a live setting – lit up with choruses and incendiary guitar riffs, fluorescent synths, and upfront percussion. It’s an approach informed by years of collaboration – performing across North America and Europe with bands like Patrick Watson, The Barr Brothers and Cat Power, and producing acclaimed albums for others such as Helena Deland. Although he plays many of the instruments himself – spanning guitar, steel drums and analog synths – Mac Cormack never just jams: all of these are would-be hits, clear-eyed and direct, from the sensuous lead single, “No Love Go,” to the record’s jolting title track.

After leaving Montreal to inhabit the outskirts of Rigaud, where the lure of the calm replaced the chaos of city life, Rosie recorded her new album which will be released in winter 2020.

In 2014, Rosie Valland released her first EP to critical acclaim. The spotlight on her enlarged in 2015 with a breakthrough performance at Francouvertes and the release of her first full length album, Partir Avant.

Rosie continued to hone her craft and build the depth of her music on tour with the likes of Ariane Moffatt, Lisa Leblanc and Les Sœurs Boulay. It was at this point that the dream of marrying her passion and her career began to manifest into a tangible reality. In 2016, the EP Nord-Est was released, an extension of the ideas explored in Partir Avant. In 2017, Synchro, recorded in the midst of a solitary and reflective time, reinvigorated Rosie’s desire to create. Her pure love of music burst through the surface, and sprawled out through the EP with lush and bright rythyms and arrangements.

Now signed to Secret City Records, Rosie returns with a work imbued with self-confidence and feminine strength. Turning the page on a period of her life marked with instability, Rosie’s music remains true to herself and her vision, deflecting any corrupting forces.