Gérald Kurdian

Hot bodies — Stand-up

performance + music

  • "Jour de fête" 15$


Monday 22  
Tuesday 23  
Friday 26  
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Sunday 28  

Wednesday Oct. 24, 9pm = English performance (talkback after the show)
Thursday Oct. 25, 8pm = French performance

HOT BODIES  STAND-UP is a live performance for Gerald Kurdian, Trk_x, a sampler and a vocoder. Borrowing to the vocabularies of electronic music concerts, stand-up comedy and documentary photography, it unfolds in seven chants and two danced interludes, his metamorphosis through the encounter of the revolutionary aspects of his sexuality.

Like a Dante crossing Heaven and Hell, it echoes to Donna Hardaway’s Cyborg Manifesto, Annie Sprinkle’s HerStory, Starhawk’s spiritual magic or Paul B. Preciado’s Contrasexual Manifesto while looking for performative and musical transductions of the queer, fetish or ecosex political utopias they stand for.

HOT BODIES - CHOIR! : Call for participation

Presented in collaboration with Usine C (Montréal) and actoral (Marseille) as part of actoral Montréal 2018, 3rd International Biennale of Contemporary Arts and Writing.

Performer, musician, and radio artist Gérald Kurdian studied visual art at the École Nationale d’Arts de Paris-Cergy before pursuing post-graduate studies in choreography at Montpellier’s Ex.e.r.ce 07 – Centre Chorégraphique National under Mathilde Monnier and Xavier Le Roy.

His off-kilter concerts – Royal Gala (2007), 1999 (2009), 18 Chansons (2010), My first club-song ever (2011), The Magic of Spectacular Theater (2012), La Solidité des choses (2014), TRKTV (2016) – are opportunities for him to explore synergies between the practices of pop music, performance, and documentary theatre.

His work is regularly presented in visual art contexts (Centre Pompidou – Metz, Fondation Cartier, MAC/VAL, Lieu Unique, Plateau Frac-Idf, Centre Clark – Montréal, to name a few), in indie music venues (Centquatre, Nouveau Casino, Festival des Rockomotives, Musiques Volantes, Rock en Seine), and in the live arts milieu (Festival ActOral – Usine C, Crossing the Line – New York, Festival des Inaccoutumés – Paris, Steirischer Herbst – Graz, WUK, Vienna, etc.). 

He has been developing the HOT BODIES OF THE FUTURE! project since 2016, exploring alternative forms of sexuality through performance, music, and queer underground politics. It is supported by his post-graduate work in Arts et Création Sonore  at the ENSAB School (Rennes) and by the cultural non-profits Emmetrop and Bandits-Mages.

HOT BODIES – STAND UP takes place in an imaginary hybrid world that draws from a night club, stand-up comedy stage, rehearsal studio, and theatrical black box. Alone with his microphone, Gérald Kurdian presents seven songs that are witty homages to the people who have helped him realize the political power of his own sexuality.

Each song is the result of a specific treatment born from a real or imagined dialogue with Hildegaard von Bingen, Annie Sprinkle, or the Radical Faeries (among others) and stands as a performance miniature stemming from a pop-magical ritual or a chapter of an epic poem. The music is a performance catalyst in parallel with a photo diary that Kurdian uses to tell the story of his personal explorations and transformations. These images form a slideshow that plays as an installation during the performance, testifying to his years of traveling from city to city, in bedrooms and nightclubs. The photographs leave a trace of the physical impression that bodies or objects have had on him, evoking the uncanny sensuality of various surroundings. As with his musical practice, body heat and movement, fetish objects, ritual awakenings, and sensuality come to the fore in images that draw us into a world of alternative erotic expression espoused by the queer activist sexual vanguard.

Concept & Performance
  • Gérald Kurdian
Sound technician
  • Justine Herbert
  • Valérie Castan
Artistic Collaborator
  • Arantxa Martinez, Lola Rubio
Production Manager
  • Sarah Parolin
  • Caroline Guaine et Marie Lépicier
  • Le CentQuatre / Casa Encendida & CA2M / La Bellone / Reykjavik Dance Festival / Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges / Sophiensaele / Emmetrop & Bandits Mages / Centre Fleury Goutte d’Or Barbara / APAP / Performing Europe