Dillon Orr /
Théâtre du Trillium

Jeff Koons


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This show will be presented at Centre Phi

The Théâtre du Trillium invites you to a "sightseeing tour" with an ironic look of the digital art world, portraying the escapades of a specimen of this "unique" genre. This project questions the stage, it’s structure, the place of the actor. Nothing is named, and this, in a sharing: in the manner of a permanent coryphaeus that calls into question the hierarchies and codes of the theatre system.

Inspired by the figure of critically acclaimed artist and adored collectors Jeff Koons, used here as a starting point for a theatrical attempt that is a new look at the "pop thing". As in the work of the American artist, we find the themes of sexuality, the nostalgia of childhood and the dream of a perfect world.

Jeff Koons is a digital stage proposal by Franco-Ontarian director Dillon Orr that benefited of a creative residency at Premier Acte (Quebec) and a public presentation at Chantiers du Carrefour International de théâtre de Québec.

Co-presented with Centre Phi.

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The Jeff Koons project stands in opposition to critics of new technologies who continue to claim that each innovation takes us further away from our true nature and humanity. And if it was this new technology that could shed new light on our practice? To innovate, communicate a vision of a new world, a new way of understanding it, undertaking it and living it. This new world without territory or identity is mobile and unclassifiable. This vision, carried by digital technology, simulates a human presence in order to break physical constraints. Will this simulation of presence make us feel a void, an absence, a nothing? But today, what is closeness, proximity? The question is launched.

Founded in 1975, Théâtre du Trillium contributes to artistic practice by developing, producing and presenting the most relevant contemporary scenic forms, in French, in the heart of Canada's National Capital. With more than 40 years of accumulated achievements and expertise, the company remains at the forefront of the performing arts in all shapes and forms, ranging from supporting emerging artists to developing the use of digital media in theatre.

Whether it be through the excellence of the creators, artists and crafts people involved in the development of important new and innovative works, through the presentation of landmark creations, by accompanying and supporting emerging and young artists, by introducing its new coproducing initiative and artist residencies, by launching its national research laboratory in digital media for the stage, or through its vast touring and presenting network, le Théâtre du Trillium demonstrates its uniqueness, professionalism and drive.

Trillium is one of the four founding and resident theatre companies of La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins (Ottawa), a production and presentation centre.

  • Rainald Goetz
  • Mathieu Bertholet, Christine Seghezzi
  • Dillon Orr
  • Olivier Fairfield
Direction and multimedia conception assistant
  • Guillaume Saindon
  • David Bouchard, Annie Cloutier, Alexandre-David Gagnon
Set design
  • Pierre Antoine Lafon Simard
  • Annie Cloutier
  • Théâtre du Trillium