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Les dimanches

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Les dimanches, first short snippets posted on Facebook, then more intimate texts that one would never dare to post on Facebook, texts written a few years ago, sentences going in rounds in the mind like earworms. It's Sunday, every day of the week. Sundays. The quietness of the streets, the silence that imposes itself between the walls, the time stretching to boredom. Words, their meaning, their music too, are a great comfort. Life that suddenly takes a vertiginous turn.

In partnership with le Festival International de la Littérature

He was known to be in love with words. For a long time, he has savored them, assembled them, played with them, put them on stage and gave them a place to be heard. We recently discovered him to be a writer, by scrolling by chance over his writings on Facebook. Brief and luminous texts, such as snapshots, written in a free and living language. With these texts, Martin Faucher gave us precious moments of his own life but in which we can all find ourselves. To succeed in passing from the singular to the universal is not so easy, and that is how a writer is recognized. To our delight, Martin has agreed to stage his own texts, combining two of his passions, that of writing and theater, as part of a literary festival that likes to flirt with other artistic disciplines.

Since graduating from the Saint-Hyacinthe Theater School in 1982, Martin Faucher has been an active contributor to our cultural life as a comedian, director and teacher, in the performing arts community. Recognized for his staging of contemporary texts, he has nearly thirty achievements to his credit, praised by many awards, À quelle heure on meurt ? based on texts by Réjean Ducharme in 1988 up to Antioche by Sarah Berthiaume, presented recently at the Théâtre Paris-Villette. Through the diversity of his projects, he takes part in a vast field of scenic practice, from theater for youth to literary cabarets. He has been the artistic director and general co-director of FTA since 2014. In continuity with his predecessor Marie-Hélène Falcon, his programming shows an insatiable curiosity for the scenes of the world that he runs relentlessly.


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