Tire le Coyote

La Chapelle's Acoustic Sessions


Tire le Coyote
© Guillaume D Cyr


Monday 4  
Tuesday 5  
Wednesday 6  
Sunday 10  

**The three events are SOLD OUT, but a waiting list will be available at the box office AT THE THEATER one hour before the beginning of each show.

La Chapelle’s acoustic sessions is a new annual event, an invitation to hear today's music differently, in an intimate and refined experience, without microphone and closer to the artist.

Tire le Coyote (Benoit Pinette) will inaugurate the first edition on February 7, 8 and 9, 2019, accompanied by his faithful acolyte Shampouing on guitar. Each evening, they will invite an emerging artist for the opening act.

Thursday, February 7, 2019 : Jean-François Bélanger 

Friday, February 8, 2019 : Juste Robert 

Saturday, February 9, 2019 : Mat Vezio


Tire le coyote, aka songwriter Benoit Pinette – is unanimous with his latest album, Désherbage, praised by critics and a growing audience of music lovers. His lyrics are distinguished by their poetry and a very personal approach to feelings. Fascinated by the ages of life, the strength of love, nature as a core of humanity, his songs go straight to the heart.

Powerful and sensitive writing, brilliant folk rock music with seventies influences, intelligence, charisma, are elements that define this man and his universe: from which arise a great pleasure, a respect shared between the public and the artist. In the opinion of a wide public, Tire le coyote is one of the best authors of his generation, the new voice of folk in Québec.

Since launching his first album in 2011, Tire le coyote has received several Prizes and nominations for his work in Québec and in Europe.His discography includes: Le Fleuve en huile, Mitan, Tire le coyote au Morrin Centre, Panorama and Désherbage.

Juste Robert is the pen name of the songwriter Jean-Robert Drouillard, whose work as a sculptor is recognized on the contemporary Canadian art scene. In his role as Juste Robert, he won the Sirius scholarship awarded during his participation in Chanson Fleuve (Song Festival of Petite-Vallée / Tadoussac Festival). His poetic musical project creates a beautiful folk-rock setting with his singular voice. He will release an album called Mon mammifère préféré during winter 2019.

After supporting over twenty acts of Montreal’s local music scene, including Louis-Philippe Gingras, Laura Sauvage and Antoine Corriveau, Mat Vezio finally released his debut record Avant la mort des fleurs cueillies in 2017 under Simone Records. Through the three years it took him to polish his album, Vezio wanted to challenge himself, to bring his lyrics and music beyond his comfort zone and exceed his own ambitions.

The final result is a record brimmed with deftly constructed pop gems. The brighter sounds nimbly balanced by darker tones, thanks to Antoine Corriveau, who signs his first production.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Jean-François Bélanger has been refining for several years a personal and sensitive vision of traditional music. After a few years studying violin, he's self-taught to explore the twenty or so instruments in his collection. The use of unusual instruments, including the nyckelharpa, gives his recordings and shows a unique character.

Winner and nominee for several Prizes, including, Canadian Folk Music Awards 2018 - Album of the year - Solo instrumentalist, Silver Award- Global Music Award 2018 - World Music Album and solo instrimentalist.