Camille Boitel

CANCELLED - L'homme de Hus

contemporary circus

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We have the regret to announce that due to a physical injury of the performer, Camille Boitel’s show l’Homme de hus is cancelled tonight 8pm and tomorrow 4pm.

The tickets can be exchanged or refunded: you may contact the box office of the stablishment from which you purchased your ticket (La TOHU or La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines).



8 years of age and older

On a faintly lit stage, the silhouette of a figure fumbles noiselessly. The figure attempts to place a table and chair so as to face the audience, but his every gesture falls apart in one small accident after another. Seemingly insignificant mishaps stifle his every attempt to pick anything up or put it down.

Little by little, silence is broken. Objects tumble, stick, and squeak. The seemingly simple task implodes on itself, dissociating from its goal, and expanding over time. Meaning and object fall apart, and repeated attempts to set up the damn table accumulate a pile of unmanageable debris that multiplies his obstacles, causing him to give up and lie down. The wood trestles beneath him crack like a stiff back as he unleashes a monumental cry in the dark, words falling form his mouth like stones.

A body’s weightlessness meets with illumination and mindless repetitions, but it bounces back, albeit with almost comically grotesque mutations. The body confront a pile of objects, even as they take on monstrous, fairy-tale proportions, ending in a pseudo-mechanical mess. Blackout. 

Presented in partnership with la TOHU. This first co-presentation with the La Chapelle Scènes Cotemporaines theater is the result of a natural correspondence between our two organizations that enthusiastically welcome this new collaboration.

Since winning the Jeunes talents du cirque Prize in 2002, Camille Boitel has been at the forefront of the movement to renewal circus arts in wave of contemporary work that included his own L’Immédiat, L’Homme de Hus, and La Jubilation. In each work, he invents a twist on the disciplinary mode. His trademarks become a body in movement, becoming frayed at the edges, trapped in an encumbering space. Flights of fancy meet spectacular confrontations between human and object.

A show by and with
  • Camille Boitel
Original idea by
  • Bénédicte Le Lamer, Camille Boitel
  • Alice Boitel
Light design
  • Laure Couturier
  • Guillaume Béguinot
Manipulations and light control
  • Vincent Beaume
Manipulations and sound control
  • Silvère Boitel
Special guest for Canada
  • Kenzo Bernard