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Nues by Renée Robitaille is a dive in feminine intimacy, women's testimonies about their sexuality:

"Sexuality wasn’t taught to me. I entered my life as a woman without knowledge. I would have loved that someone taught me something about feminine intimacy. To laugh about it, to heal it and to celebrate it. At forty years old, I interviewed numerous women and I wrote this show. For you. For us. "

Renée Robitaille is interested in the arts of the word. Her artistic approach is marked by the traditional tales, moving more and more towards the story of life. On stage, she embodies all the characters whose stories she has collected, thus offering a profound and touching look upom humanity. It was with Louis Champagne, the director of his show Men of Pickaxe, that Renée discovered a passion for research and the creation of characters. This theatrical approach opened the doors to all scenes in Quebec. Recognized for her remarkable talent as a storyteller, author and performer, Renée Robitaille already has several publications and shows to her credit. For 20 years, she has toured regularly in French-speaking Europe and elsewhere on the planet (Congo, Cuba, Russia, Armenia, etc.), to present her creations in international festivals of tales and theater.

Artistic director, text and performer
  • Renée Robitaille
Original music
  • Étienne Loranger
  • Nadine Walsh
Set Design
  • Émilie Noël
Mask (Conception, coaching)
  • Vania Beaubien
Puppet (conception)
  • Brie Birdsell
  • Marie-Claude Rodrigue