Stéphane Crête


Silent performance

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Solo piece for a human and a silicone doll, NUMAIN explores the liminal spaces between Eros and Thanatos, in a ritualistic theatre in which loneliness, violence and desire merge.

With this second solo show (after Esteban, in 2008) Stéphane Crête continues his explorations around shamelessness and the limits of representation, in a constant desire to decompartmentalize his practice.

Stéphane Crête continues to explore, as he has for over twenty five years now, the main themes that are dear to him: the transgression of moral conventions (often linked to the expression of sexuality and death), trance and altered states of consciousness, the dance between the profane and the sacred.

In partnership with Phénomena


Why work on stage with a sex doll? Being interested in the notion of transgression as a way to access the sacred (Georges Bataille’s influence never being very far), Stéphane Crête hypothesizes that liminal notions such as desire, violence or shamelessness would be better to explore with dolls rather than with real actors.

To the artist, the field of possibilities with such play partners seems prosperous (a wink to Edward Gordon Craig and his "super puppet") while raising moral and ethical questions, both on the practice of theatrical play and on human relations.

A transdisciplinary artist, a playwright, a teacher, a ritualist and a performer, Stéphane Crête is a versatile all-rounder who has been navigating as easily in mainstream productions as in experimental theater for over 25 years.

Through sometimes unclassifiable works (where seriousness and playfulness meet) he seeks to shake the perceptions of the spectator by questioning mainly the notion of representation (Esteban, Mycologie, Les Laboratoires Crête, Mauvais goût).

Conceptor, director and performer
  • Stéphane Crête
Puppet advisor
  • Marcelle Hudon
Exterior eye
  • Didier Lucien
Technical director, stage management and lighting design
  • David Poulin
  • Cynthia Bouchard-Gosselin
Sets, Costumes, accessories
  • Robin Brazill
  • Éric Forget