Nicolas Gendron /
On a tué la une!

Oh, la boulette! (3/4)


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12 years of age and older

In a game of hot potato, who will drop it, and who will keep it going? Whether between friends or coworkers, with family or in couples, any parlour game can go awry, especially since everyone think they can make up the rules. The closer our bonds, the higher the price we pay for arguing with our fellow players. In an era of polarizing current affairs, hot topics come up over pillow-talk and around the water cooler that arise from dualities that can be ripped apart, or that can rip us apart: left or right, north or south, migrants or non, French or English, and the list goes on. Which side are you on? All bets are off, and all mics are on.

For two nights over two seasons, two different encounters could conjure comedy or cringing. In this series of conversations taking place throughout 2019, the fourth wall comes down on comic, acerbic, improvisational, and polemical themes that make headlines and power café conversations.



A collectively-made work with directorial lead, Oh, la boulette! is fueled primarily by its performers’ own energy, which they employ to improvise staged tableaux inspired by news events. Audiences and members of civil society are also invited to have their say in the encounters they create.

The project was born from an invitation to participate in Usine C’s evening of short-form performances, “Nice Try.” Nicolas Gendron’s On a tué la une! and their team won the BEAUPRIX prize (which included a residency at Usine C in 2016-2017) for their contribution, entitled “L’ambivalence.” In according the prize, the jury highlighted a favorable comparison to the French political theatre troupe Les Chiens de Navarre, unknown to Gendron at the time. He has since seem them in action, but rather than seek to imitate them, he chose to embrace their ideal of freedom of expression in his own work.

On a tué la une! is a young theatre company based in Quebec City making work inspired by current (and less current) affairs, looking at the famous and not-so-famous characters behind the headlines. Their staged works are made through a neo-journalistic approach that is their creative springboard. Indeed, two of the company’s three founders are both performers and journalists.      

The company’s first project, Mme. G, was well-received. Written by On a tué la une! artistic director Maxime Beauregard-Martin, the play harkens back to the golden age of a dive bar on Québec City’s rue Cartier. After a sold-out debut run during the Premier Acte series in the spring of 2016, Mme. G. was published by L’Instant Même and successfully remounted at the Théâtre de la Bordée in Winter, 2018.

Ideation and director
  • Nicolas Gendron
A performance by
  • Sylvio Arriola, Maxime Beauregard-Martin, Marie-Claude D’Orazio, Nicolas Gendron, Danielle Le Saux-Farmer, Marie Eve Morency, Lila Mourmant, Christophe Payeur et Alex Trahan
This show benefited from a residency at Usine C.