Queen KA

Si je reste

Spoken word

© Julie Artacho
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This poetic and musical show by artist Queen Ka tells the story of a woman who finds herself in front of the chaos for which she is responsible,

the one around us,

that lives in us,

that feeds us.

She decides to face the situation in order to understand how she got there. Tracing the journey that led her to her fall, in search of means to rebuild her house, her life, her world. Si je reste is above all an encounter between the words of Queen Ka and the music of Blaise Borboën Léonard and Stéphane Leclerc. This poetry band offers a journey through disenchantment, facing human fears, errors, contradictions and weaknesses - in order to not to sink completely, but to find hope and ultimate strength in order to build from the embers of chaos. Don't endings announce new beginnings? Do we still have enough desire to imagine ourselves?


Every evening, you can take advantage of the presence of the Le Port de tête Bookstore table with a choice of books selected by Queen KA, as well as her publications including "Moi, figuier sous la neige" published by Mémoire d'encrier.

In this fourth creation, Queen Ka is reflecting on the notion of collective, our eventual social responsibilities, as described by Sartre in Existensialism is humanism. She questions our relationships with each other and our living environments. In her opinion we are overwhelmed by a form of weariness facing the current state of the world, that reflects a sense of failure. Even though we communicate more easily with each other, loneliness and the inability to understand each other seem to be what unites us most. Inspired by this disenchantment, she seeks a way to reconnect with her fellow men, to fight the current that makes humanity individualized. To try to build together a sequel to human history, and succeed in re-enchanting, to ignite our hearts with a love of community.

Queen KA is a Spoken word artist. With Blaise Borboën-Léonard she created in 2010 her first show Délîrïüm. The following year, Stéphane Leclerc was added to the team for the creation of Ceci n'est pas du Slam. The trio released the musical album Les Éclats Dépareillés in 2014.

In February 2015, the show Chrysalides saw daylight directed by Yann Perreau.

In 2018, she created a two-part show with poetry artist Amélie Prévost, entitled Fol ouvrage (Torcher des glitters), which has been touring Canada and France ever since. She is also a contributor at Radio-Canada, among other things, on the show Plus on est de fou plus on lit. In February 2018 she published her first poetry collection (Moi, figuier sous la neige, Mémoire d’encrier) under her real name Elkahna Talbi.

  • Queen Ka
Musical Composition
  • Blaise Borböen Léonard, Stéphane Leclerc
  • Queen Ka, Blaise Borböen Léonard, Stéphane Leclerc
Writing Advisor and Outside Eye
  • Marie Brassard
Set and Light Design
  • Catherine Fournier-Poirier
Technical Management and Control Room
  • Guillaume Briand