Mani Soleymanlou



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In Farsi and in Arabic, zero is “sefr”: the void. It is in the heart of this pure abstraction that swallows all its multipliers.

"What if the Iranians won their elections in 2009? And if there had not been war, exile, gazes of others, division, separation? And if… ? "

Seeking what brings us together rather than what divides us, Mani Soleymanlou returns to the essence of his first show, ONE, presented 8 years ago. To the void. Before the action. The zero. The primary circle that ties us to each other.

Zero is a unique show that spans through three distinct space-times to allow the spectator to immerse the creation and move with it. Creating a theatrical object, in both form and content, that will lead us back to the very basis of the theatrical act itself, and back to the original question: “What drives us toward each other and binds us together?”

* Please note that the capacity of seats for DIX is limited. There is NO reservations. You may simply arrive at the Fairmount Theater on November 23, 7.30PM, with your ticket for ZERO.


All Orange Noyée’s creations have only obeyed to the urgent desire to speak in the present, to follow events as they unfold. Developing a “live” theatre that is harsh (and therefore full of roughness) as well as raw and frank. A place where everything could be laid on the table.

Each of the works created since the company was founded has developed its own theatrical language. The situations, ideas and words are singular, the actors change, the visual and sonic dressing is unique. But each participates in the search for one thing: deployment of a “popular” space, in the most positive sense of the term, where artists and citizens meet and confront each other, think and feel together. In short, a meeting place that is accessible and welcoming, or sometimes even destabilizing. A place where everyone can work inclusively.


Created in Montreal in 2011 by the actor Mani Soleymanlou, Orange Noyée takes its name from a Persian tradition. One of the items used to decorate homes in Iran during New Year’s celebrations is a bowl of water with an orange floating in it. The orange represents the Earth, floating in the universe, the bowl of water. The name “Orange Noyée” (drowning orange) conjures the Earth, drowning in its universe. The idea is that we are submerged in our time, our era, and this plays a key role in the vision of the company and the artists who work for it.

Author, director and performer
  • Mani Soleymanlou
Assistant Director
  • Jean Gaudreau
Lighthing Design
  • Erwann Bernard
Sound Design
  • Larsen Lupin
Original music
  • Albin de la Simone
Production manager
  • Catherine La Frenière
Technical Director
  • Éric Le Brec’h
Secretary-General and collaborator
  • Xavier Inchauspé
Coproduced by
  • Orange Noyée, Théâtre français du CNA
Copresented with
  • La Chapelle Scènes contemporaines